i’ve got a little secret. or, it’s not so much that i have this secret that no one else has. it’s more like i have discovered something – but not for the first time. i am rediscovering it. or rediscovering it on a deeper level. that’s more what it is.


you see, i just completed a 21 day meditation series. and by completed, i mean, i did every single day. no joke. i did not skip one day. i just committed and followed through. 21 days in a row.

and it was amazing.

the series was about happiness, our search for it and how we find it. i thought that it might be a bit cheesy, or i wondered how it would be possible to meditate on happiness for 3 weeks. but, i was so wrong. you see, the focus was not at all on happiness in the sense of some surface, emotional feeling. it was much deeper than that – think bliss. yes, bliss. and if you know me, or have read my blog over a long period of time, you know that bliss is one of my favorite words.


so, it was a three week journey within that led me even deeper into bliss, peace, contentment, wisdom, and so much more. but, the main thing that i came away with was this deep sense of being – of connecting with my true self. of letting whatever vision, dream, thought, inspiration come to me during these mediations times as i simply listened to my soul. and i kept coming back to the knowledge – and i’m not talking cognitive knowledge – that everything lies within.

biltmore estate

what i mean, is that all we need, all we are, the ways that we are all connected, the spirit/light/love that flows through us, the entire universe, even, is within us. right now. exactly as we are. wherever we are. no matter what situations or circumstances we are facing. everything is there. in you and in me.



what that means to our daily lives is monumental i believe. it means that we carry a rich treasure of love, peace, wisdom within us at every moment of every day. it means that our happiness most definitely does not lie anywhere but within us.all we need to do is just be. just relax into our being. breathe deeply. slow down. and listen.

for me, making that time a special time every single morning for the past 23 days (i have still done it even though the series is over) has been transformative.


you see, i’m tired. and there are a lot of changes happening in my life and my family’s life right now – vague, i know. but i will explain in another post later on. anyway, i haven’t recovered from my amazing travels and visitors and everything incredible that took place this summer. lina and i have not found that regular life groove yet. and it’s wearing me down, along with the changes and such. i have had some moments when i just want to buy a plane ticket and get the hell out of dodge – like heading to some island to sit on my ass and drink fruity drinks for a week. but, that’s not realistic.


at the same time, i have been meditating and sticking with it. and, though i have had those dreams of escape every now and then, i remember how grounded i feel at the same time. how connected i am to my self and my soul. meditation has really, really paid off. i stay balanced and focused and optimistic.

selfie meditate

how? because when i stop and listen to my soul, i know that my peace lies within. that all of the secrets of the universe, and the secret to happiness, is within me. calm and peace are mine for the taking. and, when i remind myself of that, when i let myself take that time to connect with the universe and all of the love in it and within me, then i just know that…

“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”
― Julian of Norwich

peace and love. xx

the photos are from my last day of the meditation series. i went to the biltmore estate and just let nature wrap her arms around me. it was amazing. and a dragonfly danced all around me the whole time (“Dragonflies symbolize the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. As spirit animal, the dragonfly is connected to the symbolism of change and light. When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it may remind you to bring a bit more lightness and joy into your life. Those who have this animal as totem may be inclined to delve deep into their emotions and shine their true colors.”) after i got home, i saw dragonflies three more times that day – a little animal i almost never see

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  1. I’m so proud of you for sticking through this series, and I love that I have you in my life! You’re such an amazing friend, positive force, and constant encouragement for me to find my bliss! Thank you for always saying the things I need to hear! Xx

  2. I love to meditate also, I don’t always do it but when I do I feel exactly as you described. We are all one, we are the universe and the universe is within each of us. Thanks for this post. Maybe it will inspire me to set aside a few minutes and get back into breathing, feeling, and just being.

    1. It’s always amazing to hear that others’ experiences are somewhat similar to your own. Just another testament to the unity of humanity. Thank you for reading, Joey. Yes, reintroduce that time in your life – I can only report good and peaceful results. 🙂

  3. Taking regular moments to calm, reflect or just ‘be’ is so important. Especially when there’s an abundant of life stresses or changes.
    What a beautiful post Lizzie! And congratulations on completing 23 days of meditation! Again, love love love the sunflower pics and hope all is ok or going to be ok with you and the family xox

    1. Thanks, Mel!! For reading, and commenting, and being such a great support all over the social media/internet world. I am looking forward to the day that we can hang out in person – it would be so much fun, I believe. Thanks for sending your love – all will be well. xo

  4. Love the sunflower pics!
    Love the fact you’ve completed your series – yay to you! I must try this. I KNOW there is something in me that wants to try meditation – and you know I am not religious, but the meditation thing, that speaks to me somehow (mostly since my Japan trip right back in 2012!) The yoga term I completed before summer, confirmed for me that this is within me also (my yoga class is a particularly slow / reflective type one… not yoga bunnies type). I will take your inspirational lead following into the later autumn I think!
    LAstly, I’m sad to read you’re struggling to find your groove. It happens sometimes after such extremes away from “normal” life. You’ll find it soon again I’m sure… when you least expect it! I had so many many times of wanting to escape “normal” life before summer; then a whole lot of business stuff changed up / partnership etc, and now I feel renewed… it’s funny isn’t it. (I think having some holidays booked helps though too!!!!)
    ANyway, I’ve rambled, AGAIN… Bye for now Liz, xx

  5. ps. (I knew there was something else I wanted to say!) as I was reading this I really sensed YOU in the writing – this is your style. To a T. This post, and the language and sentence types etc, seem to me, totally what your blog is about – don’t know if the same applies from you, as the the writer, but for me as a reader – this is exactly how I view your blog.

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