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lina and me

Whoa, life has been busy lately. So crazy… and I have been no where near living any semblance of a regular life. I mean, nothing’s been really bad. A tiny bit of stress, but just so much other stuff to focus on mostly. And, I have been so thankful that I have been here to give my attention to other people and other things for the past 3 and a half months, but I need me time. More importantly, I need me and Lina time.

I’ve been thinking… in addition to communication and respect and honesty, the one thing that I find so important in marriage/relationships is making time for each other. Just the two of you. And, while I’d love to book that ticket to some island and just go dangle my feet in a pool with my love beside me for a week, I know that is not possible. However, it is most definitely possible to set aside time for each other – just my love and me. So, that’s what we’re gonna do. Of course, there are lots of amazing people to see and things to do this weekend, but, we will also carve out time to just sit in our home, stuff our faces with popcorn and wine, and binge on True Blood’s last season. We will make some meals together, drink coffee on the balcony together, and work in our studio together.

Yep, for the next few days, I’m giving all my attention to the one who makes my world go ’round. Happy Friday Eve, peeps!!

Peace & love. xx

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  1. Beautiful and so bloody true about our being important to just spend proper time together! Time at home, normal stuff, often the best time too!
    I spend nearly every hour of my life with gem, it’s amazing, but we also have to have us time. Not work mode, not stressing mode, but proper time being us. We go away on two weeks for a holiday and I am so ready for escapism to be away from it all!
    Enjoy your weekend ladies xx

    1. You know, escapism is actually so amazing! And a necessary part of life, I think! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about meeting you and your girl. We will have to plan a time to escape to England – I just think it would be so much fun! Happy weekend, girls! xx

  2. Enjoy it! You’re lucky to have one another. Time alone is important. Hope you both get to recharge and revive yourselves as well as your love. 🙂

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