you already know.

at the center of your being, you have the answer. you know who you are and you know what you want.

~ lao tzu


somewhere deep inside we all know. we all feel it. that thing which makes us feel joy. the passion that burns inside of us. we may not be aware of it yet, but if we listen to our souls, if we try with all our might to be faithful to ourselves, all will be revealed. we will discover the fire within.

for me, one of the things i have discovered in the past 3-5 years is my passion for writing and photography. i distinctly remember thinking about these two things when i was in my 20s and early 30s. i remember thinking it was crazy for even dreaming of these two things. i could never be a writer or a photographer. but, oh how i wanted to.

and while i may not have anything published yet, i am certain that it is possible now. somewhere along the way, i began to feel my soul,  believe in my soul, and i learned that following my heart would open up all kinds of possibilities. the universe was just waiting for me to  realize what i already knew.

with this said, i have had the honor and the privilege of having a photograph i took in the local newspaper again… for the fourth time this fall. it’s crazy! and, yes, i have a ways to go, but i know who i am. i know what i feel passion for. i know the path i am on right now. call me crazy if you want. a few have, over the past few years. but, i will keep dreaming. i will keep believing. and i will keep doing what i know is right.

some say that it is selfish to think of ourselves, and who we want to be/what we want to do. but, i believe that when we live life from our soul, that makes us even more effective in the world. we make a bigger difference. we spread more joy.

so, tonight, my dear friends, dream away. listen to your dreams. believe them. live them. you already have all you need.

love & peace are already there.

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  1. Very lovely post. And my thoughts more than ever right now are like this too… Life is too short for otherwise isn’t it?!

  2. Where have I been? Just caught up on a bunch of your posts…You are definitely onto something there–using the gifts you have been given and doing the things that make you feel good. It makes sense to me. What is the purpose of having gifts and passions if you hide them away?

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