wordless wednesdays.

gaaahhh. i read on someone’s blog somewhere about an idea of posting without words, only pictures; and i can’t remember who’s blog it is!! gaaahh. i’m so frustrated. i have been through all my blog readers, searching for the post, but the idea of a “wordless wednesday” was not the theme of the whole post, it was just mentioned in the post… who the heck was it that wrote about it?! ugh. this is how you know you read too many blogs.

well, i am so wordy sometimes, i thought it’d be fun to do a post with just picture(s) and let the image(s) do the talking (thanks to the unknown blog post). of course, i’m only gonna use my own pics. and i’m starting wordless wednesday sright now.

so, here’s the first post. next time there will be no words at all. ok. one word at the end of my post. oh, and if you’re the one who posted pics from a beautiful place in the world and wrote about wordless wednesdays, please let me know! i wanna give you credit.


just thought i’d share.

good morning and happy wednesday! it’s the last day of the week that i have to be up way before the sun rises *happy dance*. at the end of each week, i work in the evenings/nights. at the beginning of each week, i work during the days. it’s a crazy schedule. but, definitely not boring. and the joy of those early mornings (since the pain of those mornings is obvious. hehe), is the joy & beauty of seeing the sun rise… seeing the darkness fade to light, and thinking about all of the possibilities that the day holds. who knows what comes our way during each day?

wishing you a day of beauty, love, adventures, & peace.

time for bed…

and time for a cute picture of an adorable cat sleeping…

goodnight, world. wishing you comfort & rest, tonight and always. peace.