just thought i’d share.

good morning and happy wednesday! it’s the last day of the week that i have to be up way before the sun rises *happy dance*. at the end of each week, i work in the evenings/nights. at the beginning of each week, i work during the days. it’s a crazy schedule. but, definitely not boring. and the joy of those early mornings (since the pain of those mornings is obvious. hehe), is the joy & beauty of seeing the sun rise… seeing the darkness fade to light, and thinking about all of the possibilities that the day holds. who knows what comes our way during each day?

wishing you a day of beauty, love, adventures, & peace.

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  1. Absolutely!
    Nothing quite like seeing the dark fade to light or vice versa for that matter… I:m a sucker for a rising or setting sun!
    How:s those 30mins free time going Liz?

  2. I don’t know about getting up at that time of day,but coming home after a long night,when dawns just about to break is just so perfect…
    I always get the best sleep when i drop off around this time. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment! Sounds like you work
      night… tough, but I’ll bet the sunrises are amazing.

  3. I love watching the sunrise and sunset…but i rarely get to see either. I leave my apt before sunrise and come home after sunset 🙁
    The other day, we had a beautiful sunset – the sky was painted in oranges, pinks and blues…SO sooooo pretty. That evening, the majority of my NYC facebook buddies all posted a photo of it. We all stopped whatever we were doing just to look at it…and slowly it faded to black. it was magical!

    1. Sounds amazingly beautiful! Did you get a picture of it? Sunsets & sunrises with the NYC skyline… wow. By the way, we’re flying into NY in Monday… too bad we’re immediately off to my aunt’s house. otherwise I would have loved to meet you for a drink! 🙂 xx

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