05.16 change // a playlist for allowing the unexpected

i don’t know about you, but it’s been a whirlwind of a year so far. with a flurry of changes and tons of activity, change has most definitely come to my life. in so many different ways. and, while, for me, the changes have been good (in the end), they were not necessarily welcomed and not at all planned. and yet, come they did.

but, that’s how life is, isn’t it?

and, i mean, that’s where we get the greatest stories to tell. besides, i decided years ago the type of old lady i did not want to be. i did not want to be that woman, sitting on a front porch somewhere in a rocking chair, thinking to herself… “i wonder what it would have been like if… i wonder if…. what if i had…”.

oh hell no. i am determined to be that woman that has tons of memories + stories to sit and tell for hours on end to anyone who will sit on my porch with me and listen, as the sun sets in the distance.

and the thing is, some stories we choose to make. we choose to do this or that, to be bold and set out on a new journey. and sometimes that shit just happens to us.

so, how do we deal with that? how do we make it through those days + months + seasons that seem to thrust one new thing after another on us?

well, we simply trust + allow.

and i believe that this is the perfect month for doing just that.

we are in-between seasons. clearly transitioning. change is occurring all around us. we can literally see it as the world becomes lush and thick and alive and green right before our eyes. or, as the world slows down, turns inward, and becomes filled with the warm, dark, colors of autumn.

buds trees nature

and, even though we’ve been through this change of seasons, this cycle of the year, time and time again, that doesn’t mean at all that it will be the same as it has been before.

true change trusts and allows. and welcomes new perspectives. it’s not easy, of course, but a much more peaceful + calm way to live i guarantee.

this month, as we focus on and see changes, as we settle into the changes that have already occurred throughout this year, it is a great time to be called back into a slow rhythm. to review + reflect. to not act, but allow. there’s no need to seek out changes, they have come. they will come again. so, perhaps this month it’s good to just sit back, observe, soak up, and allow the changes to be. 

now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t do anything. but, it does mean that we simply embrace what is, what has been, and what is to come. again, not easy, i know. but, so worth it.

for me, i rely on meditation. on reading. on spending time living slowly + intentionally, to help me stay calm and focused and open to allowing change. i hold fast to those little everyday moments, squeezing out the joy of simplicity.

it’s all about just allowing space.

there is something new in the air, something new on the horizon. there always is. and perhaps this month we can approach these changes in a whole new way. perhaps that’s the only change that we really need to make… to slowly allow and trust.

life will unfold and move forward with all of its beauty and challenges anyway.

our intuition is all that we need to tap into. it’s time to let go of the old + tap into the new, trusting our intuition, our souls, to guide us. really feeling into things instead of just rationalizing them. allowing + trusting that it is our intuition that will lead us through these changes + into a whole new, deeper, more amazing way of living.

there is tons that is unknown, many new possibilities, and a completely different way of living + experiencing life just waiting for us. one that is truly authentic, that inspires us to soar and gives us deep purpose + meaning.

we could do things the same old way, or, we could use this month to begin to settle into our intuitive ways of living. of doing things + being different. of learning to trust + allow life to unfold and take us to places that are so much better than we’d ever imagined!

this is what evolving is all about.

perhaps this may is here to inspire us to find that quiet, reflective courage to restore + listen to our souls, to be open + willing to embrace the changes that come. so, i’ve created this month’s playlist all about changes. songs that motivate us, inspire us, make us think, and calm our souls.

happy trusting, allowing and listening!

xoxo. liz.


click here to get the playlist: may 2016 // change


  1. Springtime – The Head and the Heart
  2. Either Way – Beta Radio
  3. I Hear Them All – Dave Rawlings Machine
  4. Petals – Elephant Revival
  5. Any Way the Wind Blows – Anais Mitchell
  6. Sweet Moment – Bowerbirds
  7. Changes – Langhorne Slim, The Law
  8. On and On – Elephant Revival
  9. The River – The Show Ponies
  10. Wherever You Are – Parker Millsap
  11. Living & Dying – Joshua Hyslop
  12. First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes
  13. Birds and Stars – Elephant Revival
  14. Hope Of A Lifetime – The Milk Carton Kids
  15. Little Worlds – Mandolin Orange
  16. New Way of Living – David Ramirez
  17. Ain’t No Man – The Avett Brothers
  18. That Moon Song – Gregory Alan Isakov
  19. Season Song – Elephant Revival
  20. Turn, Turn, Turn! / To Everything There Is A Season – Judy Collins
  21. Shift – Alela Diane, Ryan Francesconi
  22. From Now On – Mandolin Orange
  23. What We Become – Horse Feathers
  24. I Must Be in a Good Place Now – Matthew Barber & Jill Barber
  25. No Shortcuts – Heather Maloney, Darlingside
  26. Shake – The Head and the Heart
  27. Everything Changed – Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys
  28. Wandering – Taarka
  29. Changing Of The Seasons – Dylan LeBlanc
  30. Where I’m Going – The Wild Reeds
  31. Same Old – The Honey Dewdrops
  32. Spring Cleaning – The Lowest Pair
  33. Maybe It’s Time – Kenneth Pattengale & Joey Ryan
  34. Reminders, Defeats – Jesse Marchant
  35. House Of Mercy – Sarah Jarosz
  36. What We Do – Shook Twins
  37. Bird On Broken Wing – The Felice Brothers
  38. Shine a Different Way – Patty Griffin
  39. Move Me – Sara Watkins
  40. The Road Not Taken – Monica Heldal
  41. After the Storm – Shovels & Rope
  42. Whatever – Oasis

3 thoughts on “05.16 change // a playlist for allowing the unexpected

  1. I have the same visual of myself on the porch in a rocking chair in 40 years from now! That’s what I try to remember whenever I have a scary decision to make and I’m tempted to take the easy way out. Making mistakes is fine, but having regrets for NOT having done something would be too sad for words.
    I wrote something similar on my blog today about a time when I trusted my heart and gut more than my insecure and worry-prone brain.

    Wonderful, wonderful post Liz!

    1. Oh my goodness! How cool is that?! Regrets are definitely not ok! 🙂 I can’t wait to get over to your blog to read your thoughts and experiences on this. Love, as always! xx

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