12-14: The weeks that got away from me

It’s not going good for me, y’all. I totally thought I would do better after having to cram 2 weeks into one post in my last weekly update. Instead, things have completely gone in the opposite direction, and now I have a whopping 3 weeks to share. Things have really gotten away from me. I feel like I’ve lost control. Hehe. But, seriously, it’s a snowy April Saturday morning and I’ve got a lot of coffee, so it’s time to bang this out. And get caught up. And pray that this is a new beginning and I can find my way back to posting here at least weekly. I mean, I have so much to say + share. Not only my weekly documentation, but also seasonal + spiritual + slow living posts. I’ve seriously got to get back to this! I miss y’all so much.

So, let’s get going. My plan is to post all of my photos collage-style so this post won’t require an eternal amount of scrolling for you. And I’m also gonna try to keep it to one collage per week. Fingers crossed!

Week 12: March 20 – 28

Signs of spring. Tons of sunshine. Training to be a mental health first responder. Later sunsets! Drinks out. Settling in at work. Symphony concert. A vintage album flea market. A digital baby shower for my brother’s partner who’s carrying my niece – due in April!

Week 13: March 28 – April 3

The first days of April. Sunshine + sneakers. The sun is setting even later! Moving out of my “space” at work (a random little room) and into my own office which I LOVE. Duke basketball at 3am. Breathtaking sunrises from the balcony. Dinner at a favorite spot. Sunday night concert + then a beer while waiting for take out pizza to end the week.

Week 14: April 4 – 10

One wild week. Starting with meditation. New new office view – much like the other with trees to watch through the seasons. Stuck in Norrk√∂ping. Lina in Uppsala. Train troubles. Snow?!?! Wednesday bubbles. When it’s sunny it’s warm + gorgeous. Snow again to close out the week. Spring, come back!

We are now a bit deeper into the season of spring + I feel like I should be feeling the energy of beginnings. Isn’t that the energy these weeks should be bringing me?

Somewhere in this post, I think week 13, we had a new moon + the first day of April. I was aware of all of the magic of the newness that arrived as we shifted into April. The thing is, I don’t think I’m feeling it. And I don’t really mean that necessarily as a bad thing. I don’t feel much of anything …energy-wise. I suppose I feel a bit disconnected from from the rhythms of my soul + the earth. But, then again, am I?

I still feel very present. I’m moving slowly and intentionally through my days. I feel calm + stable, though somewhat emotional. I feel alive, I suppose. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Still, something feels different. But, I mean, my life became very different just a month ago when I started full-time work again. It’s super good, my work. However, it has turned my life upside-down a little bit. And I’ve just accepted that I’ll be adjusting to the new rhythms + energy of it all for a while.

So, that’s been a little of what’s been going on with me for the past 3 weeks. How about you? You doing alright as we shift seasons? Throughout all of this shifting, I realize more + more that all things are new. This is the season of rebirth + new life. So, learning how to navigate a whole new rhythm is exactly the energy of April. I haven’t lost control at all. I’m actually just waking, rising, and shifting with nature… my life is reflecting the same energy as the earth in spring – growing + settling into new rhythms. There’s no need to rush. As usual, following the slow, unfolding pace of nature is the best way to stay anchored + grounded through the shifts and seasons as cycles.

Stay soft, my friends. This is a gentle, tender time of slowly rising (or slowly surrendering, if you’re in autumn). Sending you so much love.

xoxo. liz.

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  1. The past three weeks have been kind of a whirlwind. I did manage to transfer to my new group and its so chill I have to pinch myself, like, everyday! I also had to trek it up to Indiana. You can read about that on my blog – I’m public again, btw.

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