16 things i am doing today

you know that feeling of trying to get back into the habit of doing something? that feeling that it is waaaaaay bigger than it is, even though you know as soon as you start, you’ll easily get back into the groove, but you just can’t seem to make that big first step?

well, that’s how i feel right now. about blogging.

i am yearning to blog. like it aches in my soul. i have even had tons of ideas. but. no. energy.

until i ran across an old post. it was a list of things that i was currently doing (on that day back in december 2015). a list! perfect!! just the inspiring thing i needed to get my thoughts rolling + my fingers tapping. easy, and yet, a chance to reflect as well. and, i mean, really… who doesn’t love a good list?

so, friends, here we go!

reading // the girl on the train. lordy, i’ve been reading it since this summer. so, it’s going slowly. but, i am trying. and i really wanna get it done so i can go see it as a film. eeeeek!

planning // december blog posts… including a free resource to help us make more of the holiday season. so excited!

watching // a cheesy christmas movie on netflix. it feels like cheating. you see, in my family, we have this little rule (that i made up) that we would not engage in holiday fun until after thanksgiving… so as to savor each holiday for what it is, from halloween through new year’s day. but, i just can’t help it. i am breaking my own rule. and, according to my mom right now, all rules are thrown out the window. why?! because donald trump is the president elect + because we only have one life to live, so we damn sure better embrace each moment.

trying // to take care of myself. self-care has been the challenge that has consistently been showing up as something for me to work on. lately, things have been tougher than usual for everyone around me, and my fight to stay balanced + take care of everyone else has led me to understand that what is being reflected back to me right now is my need for caring for myself. so, yesterday, i took the bull by the horns and came home early. plus, i decided to stay home today (friday). go me!

plants green me feet

cooking // spaghetti for lunch + perhaps tacos for dinner.

eating // half of the last chocolate reese’s christmas tree that i brought back from the states. saving the other half for lina, of course!

drinking // coffee. all day long. (as usual!). and then, i’m planning to finish up a lovely red wine tonight.

thinking // about work. yeah. even though i’m off, and the whole point is for me to shut myself off for a day, i can’t get it off my mind. ugh.

meditate cozy candles

pinning // life inspiring, go out there and kick ass + breath deeply kinds of pins on pinterest. plus holiday stuff. mostly anything beautiful that makes me feel good.

crafting // words. resources. plans + ideas for life coaching.

loving // the fact that the weather today is totally gray +rainy + dark.

dreaming // of traveling. i just want to blog and vlog and podcast and life coach and travel and be with family.

candles window

feeling // oh lord. i feel everything right now. i feel grateful for being home today. and i feel anxiety about going back to work whenever that thought creeps into my head. i feel jealous of those people who dream a dream + make it happen. i feel strong. i feel peaceful. i feel stuck. i feel free. i feel sad. i feel inspired. i feel scared + frustrated + hopeful. i feel proud. i feel every little thing right now. and, you know what? that’s ok.

listening // to silence. the only sound i hear is the breathing of my love sitting beside me + the clicking of my fingers on the keyboard.

celebrating // the little things. that is my focus right now. every. little. thing.

improving // my life coaching business. i have plans. i have dreams. and i have a vision. i am upping my game and setting goals for the new year. just you wait!

computer desk cozy

what are you lovely people up to today? i’d absolutely love to know! and, of course, if you have a blog, copy this list + create a post of your own!

happy weekend, y’all. take care, out there.

xoxo. liz.

5 thoughts on “16 things i am doing today

  1. I might just have to copy this list for my blog post tomorrow! Loved your list, especially your answer to the “feeling” – it’s an intense time momentarily and we are all feeling so very many different things. It’s important to allow yourself to feel exactly the way you do and not hide it anymore. Only by those means are you able to work through everything and become an even stronger, more insightful human being.

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    1. Yes! Do it!! I’d love to read your list. 🙂 Wishing you peace and love and a beautiful weekend too! xoxo

  2. Wonderful post! I know what you mean about sometimes wanting all the energy to do everything, but then I’m zapped and soFA bound! TOday I’m trying to tie up lots of loose ends so I can nest without my constant guilt of not doing something else!
    ps. The girl on the train is a good one!

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