2020’s First New Moon calls forth our soul’s gifts

this year’s first new moon phase is like when you’ve let out a long, deep breath. it’s that empty, quiet pause of silence + nothingness. but it’s not nothing. it’s actually the preparation for something new. it is a moment of resetting so that there is space to receive. this weekend is that empty new moon space for dreaming, visioning, and listening to the medicine of this moment, which is the first new moon of 2020.

so, what is it that i want to call in with this new moon? what do i want, what do i neeeeed, to receive?

well, to begin with, i really do still feel the newness of it all. of the new year + the new age. i still feel the quiet, slow, gentle energy of the beginning of 2020. i have come to understand that january is meant to be just that: gentle, slow, and quiet. it is still winter for us up in the northern hemisphere. nature is still hibernating + resting. so, even though the holidays + new year celebrations are often wild, crazy, and intense, it does my soul good to slow it right back down during january so i can “land” and feel into the new year.

and now, with 2020’s first new moon, i’ve adjusted to those new year feelings + we are one step deeper into it all.

when i’m silent + empty under this new moon, i realize that this first month of settling into 2020 is coming to an end + i hear my soul telling me that this is the new moon to help me step up, step forward, and rise up. that’s the message i am receiving.

this is the time to begin to decide how my soul is calling me to emerge in this new age with all of my unique truths + gifts + medicine. this weekend is the space from which i begin to call forth the soul gifts + soul training + wisdom that is within that i have already received. this is the time, this moon cycle, to begin to embody them all.

i have been training for this my whole life.

i think this moon cycle is meant for soul retrieval. and i’ve read a few other peoples’ thoughts on this as well. what i mean is that this is the time for truly living from our soul. for returning to our authentic truth. for taking back our power + claiming our gifts + hearts + owning what we know deep down to be true for us.

this is the moment to not stand back + seek. this is the time to rise up, to emerge, to step out, to stand tall, to express our selves, to be free.

now, is the moment to live as an embodied soul on earth in tiny, concrete ways every single day right in the middle of our life. not seeking anymore. just living and being + embodying. now is the time that to dream about how we want that to look. in what ways can we live in truth? what are our next steps? are we ready to receive? more importantly, are we ready to emerge?

trees sky new moon

blessed first new moon of the year, wild ones. it is a calm, sweet one…. but it is also a powerful one, calling us forth to claim our birthright, our power, and our unique soul gifts. the world needs each of us. and this moon cycle is the perfect opportunity to begin to step into the medicine our souls need – because it is right there, from the depths of our soul, that the medicine that we have to offer the world will rise up + flow out of us.

xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “2020’s First New Moon calls forth our soul’s gifts

    1. Hello, lovely you. ‘Tis the season for emerging. And it’s not such an easy thing, I think. I believe that’s why I like to keep life as slow as possible… so I can take my time in finding the courage to rise up. Thank you so much for your comment + words. Always grateful. xo

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