A simple holiday: Family, travel, and one big anniversary

We’re 2 weeks into the new year and I am finally sitting down to document what turned out to be a beautiful, slow simple holiday season for me.

Lina + I started off December in Paris + ended it in North Carolina. In between, we had a a lot of cozy moments at home enjoying our own little festive celebrations, a few frustratingly stressful moments, a simple + slow Christmas, and a big celebration of love. So, instead of just sharing the things we did during our 2 weeks in the States over Christmas + New Years, I thought I’d also document a little of what all of December was like for us. ‘Cause that holiday spirit kicks in for us as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

I’m also planning to document mostly with photos + not so many words or stories, y’all. Just know that my focus for December + this past holiday was filled with people + places I love. Because that’s what means the most. And it made it the perfect, simple holiday for me.

We began December by celebrating Thanksgiving in Paris

To see the post of our entire weekend in Paris click here.

Cozy holiday moments at home + at work in Sweden

Just before the winter solstice, we flew to the States for our 2 week holiday

It was a super crazy trip over. Filled with delays, missed flights, lots of running, a bit of crying, a crapload of cussing, standby stress, desperate upgrades, and a super late arrival. However, my brother booked us all an AirBnb in Charlotte since we arrived so freaking late. So, instead of a long 2 hours ride in the middle of the night, we went out for beer + food + then had a delicious brunch before heading to the mountains the next day.

Christmas vibes + family time in the North Carolina mountains

Lina + I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!

New Year’s Eve celebrations + welcoming those 2020 vibes

Food. Beer. Sunshine. Family. The best way to start a new year.

Even though I had balanced travel and being at home throughout December, it still feels like it was a simple holiday. Simple because I focused only on those things that are most important: family, presence, and slow moments to soak it all in. Whether in Paris, Sweden, or the States.

Keeping my holidays slow + simple is one way that I commit to living a mystical + mindful life. I really am constantly trying to pare down, be present, and find ways to truly experience the simplicity of just being. So, I am very grateful that this simple holiday was in alignment with the values that I have come to hold dear. And, honestly, it was just what I needed.

I so hope that your holiday was just what you needed as well, sweet souls. And, more importantly, that your 2020 has started off filled with hope + inspiration.

xoxo. liz.

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