January sure was a long month of hibernating + emerging

Back in early January I scribbled a little pie chart in my journal. First, I brainstormed a bunch of intentions + ideas I had for 2020 – inspired by the idea of how I can emerge in this new age ready to fully embody my soul. To match my outside life with my inside truth. To rise from the depths of my soul + let my medicine naturally flow out and into my life. On a daily, concrete basis.

So, I created three different sections, out of the list that I had brainstormed. And it was crazy how the intentions just separated themselves so beautifully into three different sections. They fit so neatly together.

Mind. Body. Soul.

Yep. All of my intentions + ideas of staying grounded so that I can emerge + embody my medicine unfolded as obvious ways of taking care of my mind, body, and soul.

After I made my little pie chart scribbling, I decided that I’d like to reserve some time at the end of the month to look back + see how I followed through with + stayed close to my intentions. And that’s what this post is all about. How did I embody these intentions + ideas? How well did I align my inner truth with my outer life?


less screen time| study + read | write | meditation teacher training

Alright. It is my hope to cut down on my screen time. And, I think I did a pretty ok job with this. I’ve stopped using Facebook altogether + I do not miss it one bit! I’ve also just deleted Twitter from my phone. The only social app I have is Instagram – because… art + photography! So good for me, but I have soooooo much more time on my phone + tv/computer that I need to release. What I want to do instead is to be creative, or to engage in some of those other things that I’ve listed below. If I’m using my screen to just pass the time… it has got to be turned off or put down instead.

In the beginning of January, I kicked some ass on the studying/reading front. I’ve decided to read a bunch of books on witches, ancient medicine + wisdom, and shamanism. I finished one book + have started another. However, I haven’t picked up that second book for 2 weeks now. Gaaaah. Damn iphone and tv and freaking Impeachment that I cannot tear myself away from!

I did write a bit more as well. I Only in my journal, but it felt good to just get words on paper. I just let my thoughts fly and wrote whatever came out of me. As for my book, I don’t know… I may be letting it go. Releasing the pressure I feel to get it done. Trusting that what I am to write + share will come to me when I am ready. Since I can never decide what to write – I have too many ideas! – I do not think it is time right now.

I am fucking determined to enroll in a meditation instructor training in 2020. Fucking determined. I sent an email with links to a course that I am super interested in to my bosses to ask if it is something that my work can fund (help fund). Go me! I’m following up next week – as they have not responded to me yet. I’m also going to contact my union and search for random scholarships. This is gonna happen y’all.


move | healthy eating | time outside | cook at home

I did not spend more time outside or moving than I usually do. Which is not that that much, to be honest. I connected with the earth during the full and new moons, spending time by my sacred tree. I enjoyed my slow walks to + from work. I photographed nature + city. I took walks during lunch (not every day, mind you). My soul craves more. But, my desire to hibernate + rest won. Maybe as the days grow lighter + longer in February I will increase my movement outside.

I accomplished quite a bit of cooking at home + healthy eating… for one intense period during January. I started feeling a bit off one week and just felt the need to detox myself after the holidays. So, I bought a shitload of vegan, fresh, raw food one Friday + planned an entire weekend of delicious, natural, healthy, clean food. It was intense, but it felt so very good. The rest of the month has been quite balanced, but not as clean + healthy as I want my day to day meals to be. And, of course, as January came to a close, the more tired I was…. so my food quality suffered a bit. How do you guys stay inspired to cook good shit?! Help me!


meditate | cards, crystals, moon | blog | travel

My soul has felt everything from inspiration + energy to exhaustion + heaviness throughout January. That new year, new decade, new age mood seemed to pass sometime after mid-month. And, honestly, I blame it mostly on the fact that (as I said above) I was, and am, obsessed with President Trump’s Impeachment trial. Oh damn how I have wasted time on that. At the same time, I really do believe it’s important. It also just turned heavy all around the world with shocking deaths, climate catastrophes, and even more political corruption. On top of everyday work stress, chaos, and/or busy-ness.

Still I’ve meditated in the mornings, pulled cards, carried crystals, and honored the phases of the moon. I’ve also found time to blog once a week. However, my soul craves blogging more often — one of the things I want to do instead of watching my damn tv or endlessly scrolling through Twitter + Instagram. I also left town for an overnight meeting for work – which turned out to be super inspiring.

Still, my grounding practices need some deepening comittment. Not because I should, but because my soul yearns for more time to connect with the ancient wisdom within + the inspiration of higher guides/spirits.

I am here to tap into the medicine of the season + to create from my soul. So, enough of all of the things that stand in my way of living a soul-led, active life that is aligned with my truth. I release them again – and again. At the same time, I remain gentle with myself. January called us to be gentle + soft + slow. Not perfect. That’s not how we should feel at the end of the first month of a new year + a new age. We’re still newborns of 2020. We’re still hibernating + just barely beginning to stir + awaken. No need to feel bad. Only time to reflect on what has been + realign + begin again.

I am not at all disappointed in what I have not accomplished. Instead, as I close January’s door, I find myself feeling satisfied. And quite a bit of melancholy for leaving behind the season of deep, dark magic + nostalgia – even if it has been a slow, heavy month that’s been a strange mix of hibernating + emerging.

Time to move forward into February now. And I’ll think I’ll begin with this song as my inspiration.

Blessings as you settle into the new year, sweet soul. xoxo. liz

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