26: 12 o’clock.

an american classic for lunch at 12.00: a BLT (bacon, lettuce, & tomato). summer memories flooded my brain & my taste buds thanked me.

left the apartment just after 12 & discovered the circus is coming to town! in the square a few blocks from our apartment. course, i don’t think i’ll be going. but, it’s still cool to see. ya gotta love a big top.

kept on walking through beautiful norrköping on this spring saturday.

walking home on a warm, spring evening. i just thought the building & sky looked beautiful. and i’m having a little balcony envy too.

i’m ending the day at home like every other swede, or european for that matter, watching the eurovision song contest – a european american idol, except way bigger & definitely waaaay more interesting. each country sends a singer that won a contest in their home country. so, sweden had a song contest back in the winter to pick the singer who would compete tonight. you just gotta check out sweden’s chick… loreen. she is amazing! and all of europe is talking about her. go sweden!

listen to some good music tonight! peace out.

update: it’s now well after 12 o’clock am & sunday has arrived. i simply must get myself to bed. but, i had a little eurovision song contest update… loreen (the chick from sweden) won!! woo hoo! a proud moment for sweden!

 loreen singing “euphoria” right after she won tonight!

0 thoughts on “26: 12 o’clock.

  1. Sorry Liz, Sweden is not going to get my voice… I think Ukraine is!!!!

  2. Sorry Lis! Sweden is not going to get my voice! I Think my voice goes to Ukraine…

  3. I thought a Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich would be classier for lunch, but of course the BLT is a great choice, too!
    And CONGRATS on Sweden winning the Eurovision song contest!!! That’s great news! I used to watch it when I was still in Germany but sorta lost touch of it ever sine. So it’s funny to hear you have adapted that European tradition already. 🙂

    1. oh, a PB & J is a true classic, but i was in a summer-y kind of mood, so i went for the BLT! Thanks for the congrats here… yes, I am most definitely a fan of the European musical tradition now!

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