Guest collaboration: 4 Reasons Why You Need an Explorer Mind Set

A guest post collaboration with NK imode.

Fridays are the perfect days for thinking about exploring + traveling, am I right? And while I am not actually doing any traveling this weekend, I am on a little vacation. I’ve been on Sportlov (Winter Break) this week, which means I’ve worked only 3 days + right now I am snuggled at home preparing for a completely plan-free weekend. Only spontaneous, last-minute plans allowed!

But with the thought of relaxing, planning some spring + summer travels, and just taking it easy, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a little post from a website that asked me to contribute to a post they wanted to publish on travel. I didn’t receive anything from them. It was just a contact that looked me up + was interested in hearing my thoughts on travel.

So, without further ado, here is a post from NK imode… complete with a little quote by yours truly. Get your exploring hat on + get inspired to make some travel plans…. to anywhere or nowhere!

A New Year is full of opportunities. Travel empowers you to be open-minded, take on new challenges, and accomplish your goals. You don’t need to go far to experience new adventures – it can be exploring your very own neighbourhood. You have the courage and passion to discover new cultures, people, and surroundings.


Near and Not-So Far

It’s all about the little things…

Taking a different path home from work, visiting your local museums, or going on a nature walk can help you break routine -be a tourist where you live is what I always say! You might discover you are braver than you thought when you try a new cuisine in your town. You don’t have to travel far to discover new things. 

Sometimes a weekend trip is all you need to help you refresh and reflect. Heading on a road trip with the girls or a weekend getaway with your special someone can be a way to reconnect and explore somewhere new and make everlasting memories. The possibilities are endless!





Broaden your Horizons

Nothing can replace experiences. In a world full of material possessions, it is important to build life-long memories through exploration. Travel exposes you to different cultures + people + changes your perspective. AmericaNoize expresses it perfectly: “Change the way you live, start exploring everyday like you are traveling a journey for the first time and experience it with the enthusiasm as if it was just for one day.” Getting away from your regular daily life can be the push you need to continue seeking life`s wonders.



Challenge Yourself & Live in the Moment

Who doesn’t enjoy a challenge? There is something enthralling about escaping daily routine and heading on your own path. As time passes so quickly, make sure you take in every precious second and beauty the world has to offer.

A quote from Elizabeth,  Be Love Live, truly resonates with me and emphasizes living in the moment…

“I love the experience of learning and the excitement of the adventure of coming face to face with the unknown. Travel changes me. I feel as if my mind and my soul expand a little every time I travel… there’s more space for love and respect for others. Compassion grows. And there is so much to reflect on… my place in the world, the struggles of our neighbors, the history and beauty of a certain place, the connection between humanity. While I love to get in a car, or get on a plane and go some place new, I am certain that I don’t actually have to go anywhere in order to travel. Having a pilgrim’s soul/heart makes me yearn for travel, but it also helps me to learn how to see every day as a journey and to live in the present moment.”

I couldn’t have said it any better!


Accomplish your Goals

There are some things you only discover about yourself while being in a new surrounding. Perhaps a new love of a hardly visited neighbourhood gives you a sense of fresh appreciation for it. Or think about all the planning, navigating unfamiliar surroundings, and speaking to the locals if your headed somewhere farther. You will use skills that perhaps you never knew you had and feel a sense of accomplishment. Whether it’s ordering food in the city’s native tongue, making new friends, or organizing an itinerary full of adventure, these are experiences that you can say you’ve accomplished yourself!

What’s your next adventure?

With Love,

Lindsay, NK iMODE

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Alrighty, loves. Time for this weekend to get started. And I don’t know at all what I want to do, so I’m just gonna go from moment to moment, trust my intuition, and do whatever I feel like doing. It’s my own little mini-staycation. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, whatever you get yourself into!

xoxo. liz.


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