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The unexpected routine that sets the tone for my weekend

24 Feb 2018

I started a routine during the holidays that has seemed to just stick with me. Of course, during the holidays I practiced my daily outside time every single morning. Now, it’s not really feasible (or a priority, I suppose you could say) to get up even earlier than I already do in order to take a walk to my little spirit tree. But, as soon as it is the weekend, then I am up + out the door.

You see, during the holidays, I was at my parents’ place in North Carolina. And it just so happened that I woke up a teeny bit before the sun (and before everyone else), started the coffee brewing, pulled on a bunch of warm clothes, and went out to walk and stand and just be. Oh, and take photos of course. Hehe.

jan 2018

Back in Sweden, I did the same. I just couldn’t stay in. I woke early, sipped on coffee, watched the sun begin to come up, and then layered up + headed out to walk to this little mini-forest area just a couple of minutes from our home. I’ve done it weekend after weekend. It’s not something that I plan on every weekend, but my soul just nudges me. And, then I go.

It is the unexpected routine that sets the tone for my whole weekend.

This morning, my love + I woke at 7. Just like… bam. Our eyes opened + we were wide awake. Lina got up after a few minutes with the cat, who was meowing + begging for a little attention. When Lina came back to bed after a few minutes, she mentioned how beautiful it was outside.

The light has started to seriously return to Sweden now + the sun was already up at 7. And yes, we love it. Knowing how much I love my little weekend mornings outside, she mentioned that I’d love the light today. Without a second thought, I jumped out of bed, got the coffee brewing, grabbed my camera, and headed out.

Now, it may have been sunny + bright, but it was damn cold. Like 8 degrees f/-12 degrees c. Brrrrrr. But, never mind that, I just had to get outside.

The sun was just up over the tree line in the distance, the air was still + frigid, and the only sounds I heard were the morning birds singing. There were not even any people out. It was absolutely perfect.

So, I walked + listened + breathed + stood in the sun. I snapped photos, hugged my tree, and stomped through the snow. Have I mentioned how perfect it was?

I was out only about 20 minutes before I started getting cold, so I turned + headed home… longing for my warm cup of coffee + a chance to get right to editing my photos…












And that was my morning. Well, my early morning, actually. And, I suppose it was today that I realized + claimed this weekend ritual as something that my souls yearns for right now. We shall see how it goes as the seasons change. Soon, the sun will rise at 4am, so it will be broad daylight by the time I wake, taking away the opportunity for that early morning magic – cuz I ain’t getting up at 4am. Hehe.

I wonder, though… will I then shift from a morning routine to an evening sunset one?


How do you spend your weekend mornings? Do you have any routines or rituals?

xoxo. liz.



  • Reply Meg Evans 25 Feb 2018 at 22:48

    Lovely! I can feel the early-morning energy in the photos. 🙂

    • Reply Liz 2 Mar 2018 at 08:38

      Thank you Meg! So glad that the vibes came across in the photos for you. Hope you are well. xoxo

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