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guest post celebration: a little slip of sunshine.

kate is inspiring. and although we just came across each others’ blogs in early 2013, we have become friends. supporters. dreamers & believers together that we all can live a life that is whole, peaceful, and full of true happiness. kate’s blog oozes with…

6 Apr 2013
create + inspire

guest post celebration: the unbeaten path.

exploring maybeland is a blog about dreams. again,i have no idea when or how our blogs crossed, but following dreams is one of the things that nic and i have in common. i believe that we kindred spirits that are chasing our dreams need…

4 Apr 2013
create + inspire

guest post celebration: moments of mezz.

    up first in my little guest post celebration series is heather from moments of mezz (go check her out after you read this!). i love to read heather’s posts. she writes about her wonderings & thoughts as an introverted 20 something, shares her deep…

2 Apr 2013

guest blog post: so touched & thankful.

Hey! It’s Lina, Liz’s wife. The other day, Liz wrote a blog post titled “her words.”, where she wrote some about me, but also copied the text I wrote on my blog. It was really tough for me to write it all down, to…

9 Mar 2013