7 | The week that the full moon + I manifested two job offers!

Suddenly, after 7 months, I received not one, but two job offers in one week! There was also a full moon this past week. And I’m just gonna put it out there that, in alignment with the cycles of the moon, I think I manifested this. The timing was perfect. It was meant to be. And all of my patience + determination to not just settle for any job, coupled with my intentional way of living in rhythm with nature, has now paid off.

I knew that February would usher in new energy, and I willingly dropped into that energy when the month began. I could feel that just as the earth began to awaken + stir beneath the surface, it was also my time to begin to stretch + wake + prepare to come out of the long, dark winter. During the first week of February, there was an abundance of new energy and my life aligned with all of that transitional, early spring, late winter, change-is-happening-now energy as well.

I had a feeling that February would be a gateway month. 28 days of slow, quiet, almost unrecognizable transition. Until the end of the month that is. It is then, on that last day of February, when it is possible to look back and see all of the ways that winter is loosening her grip and spring is silently making herself known with the tiniest, sweetest signs in nature. And, while the ground may still seem very wintry and gloomy and dead. A closer look reveals life returning. But, even more than that, a deep breath of fresh air offers an obvious sign that change is happening. The air is lighter, fresher, brighter, newer. Things are happening. Life is changing. The path is unfolding.

And as the month unfolds, I literally feel my life aligning with this winter-to-spring energy. I feel that not only am I waking up from what has seemed like a long, deep sleep… but, inspiration, excitement, hope, promise has been stirring in my soul. I have had no idea what all of these feelings were about. And, just to be clear – intuitively, I don’t think it’s just these job offers. It’s so much more that is unseen + unknown as of yet. It is a whole, completely new phase of life that is being rebirthed from within me. It is time for a whole bunch of changes, up-leveling, opportunities, possibilities, and manifestations to rise with the energy of the coming spring.

And, of course, a couple of job offers is absolutely a huge part of all that is being born. But something tells me that it’s just the first thing to rise from the winter’s earth. Like those first snowdrops. So, I am trusting the slow transition of the seasons – both in nature + within my soul. There is much more to come. These are only the first signs. There is much that is still quickening, moving, growing, rooting, and stretching under the surface of the earth + within my soul. I’m fully ok with taking it slowly and letting it all bloom + grow in its own time.

I think that is the key to living life in rhythm with nature. More than anything, it is an acceptance of the slow, perfectly, and divinely timed changes that are happening. It is a surrender to the cycles of life, a willingness to participate in those cycles, and an understanding of the wisdom of the mystical unfolding of it all.

And the unfolding of these two job offers has been a long, slow process. First, I just want to say that I have been blessed to be able to not stress in finding a new job after I left my previous one 7 months ago when we moved. Of course, I have applied and searched for jobs consistently throughout my time of being unemployed. I have received unemployment and been so grateful that we have been ok with only one income. We are definitely aware that we are very blessed.

During these months of late summer, autumn, and winter I have really dug deep and listened to my soul. At 47, I already knew that I would refuse to just take any job. And I had something sort of lined up before we even moved here, but that process is taking way longer than I imagined and it is very unclear as to when I could be hired. As the seasons changed and the darkness settled in, I was able to drop deeper into my thoughts + feelings about work. I had time to really ponder, explore, and be honest with myself. To see what I love doing, how I want to live, and what I have to offer.

This was a deep, long, painful process through the darkness and mystery of autumn + winter. In this time, I realized that I am done with the church. After having to “defend” my beliefs, my way of writing, and my own theology, plus being questioned as a leader – again + again – I think I finally fully admitted to myself that this is not where I belong, nor is it where I want to be.

I also made the very scary decision to not follow through with trying to create my own spiritual/guiding/mentoring business. I finally realized that I do not want to charge money to talk with people, to guide or inspire others. I do not want to arrange retreats and workshops that have a fee. I do not want this spiritual leadership to be my work – I want it to be my life.

And so, what I really want is work that I can go to + make a difference. I don’t want to be my own boss. I don’t want to charge others. I want my free time to be my free time. Time where I can write, photograph, travel, inspire, hold retreats, be with my family. Without thinking that I should be doing this or that for my own business. And, yet, I want to have work that is meaningful, that aligns with my slow life, where I can be myself, create, inspire, and be inspired.

This is where these job offers come in.

I had an interview at an alternative school for young adults back in December that went really well and was very promising. Turns out the principal wanted me for a whole different position as a coordinator to start up a whole new program that is meant to start next August. However, she said she wanted to see if she could get permission to start the position during this spring + work something out between us. The process was long, but it went well, and I applied for this new position in the beginning of the year. She was still interested and I got the official offer to work as a coordinator/mentor/counselor last week!

At the same time, as I was also continuing to apply for other positions continuously, I was suddenly called in for an interview at a middle school (grades 6-9) as a student coach. This was a private school with a whole different vibe + group of students. But, I clicked with the principal and we had a great chat. She also offered me an interesting position last week + added in/on counseling responsibilities!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in this position before. Two job offers, both trying to get me to accept their offer. And both of them feeling good + promising to me. Both giving me an opportunity to create something of my own and really use my skills. Needless to say, I was a freaking wreck at the end of last week – trying to listen to my intuition and decide what was best for me and for the school that I would eventually choose.

As of today, Monday, I have now made my decision. And I’ll share which job I have chosen on Instagram tomorrow! I want to be sure to talk with everyone and have everything completely squared away before I say anything to anyone anywhere.

But, no matter which position I take, I will be starting next week! Gulp. Remember that change, that new energy, that new chapter that I have been talking about as February ushers me through the transition from winter to spring, from a slow, dark, restful season to a slow, inspiring, rising season of rebirth? Well, this is what is unfolding right now. And it is changing our lives.

So, last week was huge. This week will be very meaningful as I intend to soak in these last few days of being fully present at home. And next week will be a whole new adventure.

But, I am ready for all of this. More than that, it is time. I have fully dropped into my way of living in rhythm with nature, of aligning myself with the cycle of the seasons, and I have absolutely zero fear of shifting into working outside of my home again and whatever else may be manifesting as spring slowly returns and life continues to unfold.

Stay tuned + follow along as I move into this next chapter – it is happening now! xoxo. liz.

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