a christmas gift from me + the moon

hello, dear wonderful friends. it’s christmas eve. and i have a little gift for you.  it’s nothing big, nothing flashy, nothing material even. but, i really want to give it to you – and i think you’re gonna like it.

however, its gonna require a little work on your part too. it’s a gift that requires your presence. about 5 minutes of your time. so, if you can’t receive your gift now, if you’re busy or hurried, then please just come back whenever you can. it’ll be here waiting for you. i promise.

to be honest, the gift is something that is best received when you are all alone. in the dark even. late late christmas eve would be perfect. but, it’ll work whenever. all you need is a place to sit. some headphones, if you have them (but totally not necessary). and perhaps a candle, if you want to get all into it.


amazingly, it seems that the cosmos is giving us all a gift as well. there is also a full moon on christmas day. a gift, in my opinion, that is truly amazing. talk about light coming to the earth, illuminating the world. the gift of light, as seen by the full, bright moon that brightens up our world on christmas day. amazing.

whether you celebrate christmas or hanukkah or kwanzaa or the solstice or nothing, there is no denying that at this time of the year, we celebrate the arrival of light breaking into the darkness. of light actually being born from the darkness. so, my friends, what is waiting to be born in you out of the dark? what hides in your dark places? in the untouched part of your soul?

perhaps this december’s full moon, coming to us in the middle of all of our celebrations and at the end of the year, is coming at precisely the right time. pure magic, huh? pure grace, know what i mean?

this full moon reminds us to rest and relax and to spend sometime soaking in the quiet. we need to slow down and just be for a bit. and, when we do that, then we unite with our inner soul. we connect with our higher self, with the divine love and light that we celebrate right now. we tap into who we really are, which prepares us for all of that lies ahead.

the cosmic universe is urging us to go deep within and be brave. the timing of the holidays and this full moon inspires us to make those changes that our soul wants for us. to chase our dreams, to be true to our authentic selves. to begin this new year by living our truth.

moon sunset december

ok. that’s the gift from the moon. now, back to my gift.

early on tuesday morning, when it was very dark out, and at the precise time that the winter solstice occurred, i was meditating. as i sat in the dark, i suddenly remembered a song that i have in my christmas playlist. the title just came to me, like a gift from the universe, and i knew that it was perfect. so, after spending a few more minutes in silence, i searched for the song, plugged in my headphones, and let the lyrics + the music move through me.

by the end of the song, i was weeping. holding my hands over my heart. feeling power and hope. and love. i was filled with so much love.

the earth standing still is exactly what happens at the precise moment of a solstice. it is exactly what is magical about the midnight hour on christmas eve, as we enter christmas day. it is any breathless moment of pure silence and wholeness, when everything is right. when there is complete balance + harmony. when there is a take-your-breath-away feeling of complete wholeness.

so, for this christmas, i want to give you the gift of this breathless moment. i want to share with you this incredible, beautiful, powerful song. and i hope that it speaks to you. but, more than anything, i wish for you a moment, all alone, to just simply be on this magical, mystical, beautiful night.

so, light a candle, if you wish. plug in your headphones now. and close your eyes. just breathe. and listen.

 may peace and love follow you, as you follow your own bliss.

merry, merry christmas to you all. xoxo

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