december 26 // celebrating six years of marriage

On this day, 6 years ago, I looked out this very same window, to take in this very same morning view, just before heading out the door to marry my best friend, my partner, my inspiration, my hero. Six years of marriage have passed, and I can only say that, as I stand here looking at the same view as I did on that day 6 years ago, I am more in love + more happy right now than ever before.

I cannot wait for the adventures to continue, my love. To share every bit of life with you is the greatest gift I could ever imagine. You are my heart.

Happy Anniversary, Lina, my everything! xoxo

16 thoughts on “december 26 // celebrating six years of marriage

  1. Aww, this warmed my heart! Your happiness is radiating off the screen.
    Happy Anniversary, may your love get deeper and stronger with every year!

  2. You two are so beautiful and I dream about having a life similar to yours one day. Happy belated Anniversary to you both!!! xo

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