“a closet is no place for a person to truly live.”

ok. this is just freaking awesome. it’s one of those amazing TED talks, motivational and inspiring talks & videos that make their way around the internet.

takes the time to watch this, laugh and listen. and then, perhaps together we can begin to think more about all the things that connect us, instead of the things that make us different and unique. (pssst. those things that make us different and unique are not actually bad, you know. they are amazing).

and it is most definitely time, to find a way to come out of our closets… whatever they may be. time to be authentically who we are. to face the pain & fear. because, i can tell you personally, that living a life that is authentic and true and real leads to freedom and inner peace…. something you will never find when you remain closed up in your dark, lonely closet. of course, it’s not easy. but, it is so worth it. and you know what else? we need you. the world needs you. just as you are. whatever your thing is: gay, straight, homeless, bankrupt, ex-com, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, immigrant… whatever.

so stop hiding. stop pretending. stop settling. instead be exactly who you are. live the life you dream of living. take that risk. be real. and pass this message on to someone else who needs to hear it.

be authentic. be direct. be unapologetic.

peace & love.

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  1. I loved the video, and I bet she was incredibly inspirational to listen to. I wish doing as she says was as easy as she makes it sound.

  2. Wow!!!! Fabulous. Thank you Liz for sharing this — I was moved, inspired and energized to unlock more closet doors and get free and real and authentically me.

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