a fifteen minute post in the middle of the week early in the morning

i have this idea, this beautiful idea, that i am going to write and schedule all of my posts for the week ahead during the weekend (or on monday, the day i work from home). however,  it remains just an idea. i do not seem to get it all done. for example, this past weekend/monday i was able to write my post that i posted on monday.

that’s it.

i was a bit disappointed in myself. not because i need to have such a strict schedule of when my blog posts come out, but because i just love to blog and write. i love to stay in contact with you. and with this schedule adjustment in my life which in moves working outside of my home 4 days I week, I thougt that scheduling posts would be a great solution to help balance it all out. 

but, when i schedule things (i did so last week), then i don’t log into my website at all. and i love to read your blogs and interact with you regularly. plus, i love writing in the present, not only planning posts for the future. these are all things that inspire me, that keep me moving and focused and grounded. meditation/yoga is one great thing; but writing/photography is whole other way that i “find myself” on a daily basis.

so, not doing that regularly, trying to schedule and write ahead, just doesn’t feel right to me. at the same time, i literally have not found the energy yet to be able to sit down and write/blog during the week when i am away at work. i am being really patient with myself, but i am also missing the freedom i had to write and blog and photograph whenever i wanted. first world problems, i know. 

all this means that i need to figure out a new system for how i keep up with everything. of course, it’s more than just figuring out a new system. it’s about staying inspired and connected to all of the things i love. it’s about just adding/keeping more amazingness in my life. poor me, right?

i know that it’s really all about priorities. whatever is most important to me, i will make time for. i will create space in my life, no matter what. i have successfully made mediation a part of my every morning routine. and i get up really early to make that happen. it’s just not feasible to write and blog in the mornings, though, on a regular basis since I begin work at 8.  and i don’t want to bang out a post just for the hell of it. because… quality over quantity, right?

so, i’ll just keep giving myself some time and feeling my way through this.

i got ready pretty fast this morning, so i sat down and began typing this in the dark, with a candle flickering and the morning news in the background. it was cozy + quite spontaneous.   in any case, i decided to share my thoughts and get them out. sending them out there to the universe, trusting this process of blanching + unfolding. 

thanks for listening, dear readers. happy hump day out there!

xoxo. liz. 

10 thoughts on “a fifteen minute post in the middle of the week early in the morning

  1. I’m struggling to get some (any) writing done lately, too. I love to write in the mornings, it clears my head for a new day and makes me feel I’ve accomplished something, even it’s the only thing I get done that day. I’ve really been having a hard time getting up though. Hopefully it’s just a temporary set back 🙂 happy hump day 🙂

    1. I don’t know how you get ANYTHING done. I am so impressed by you and how you juggle your family. What a joy it must be, but also a balancing act, to ensure that you take care of your desires and dreams too. I wish you well, and I send you lots of energy, to find that time to do your writing and find that balance. Love to you. xx

  2. Liz, I totally understand your feelings. This resonates so truly for me because I’ve finally taken the leap to try [AGAIN FFS] to write… i love reading blogs so much I want to get some space for myself too… I too struggle with time though… and for now, it’s just a matter of prioritising different things… wish me luck and luck to you on carving your writing time now you’re working so much too!

    1. And I want to read what you write. I know you have struggled with time as well, so you know exactly what I am speaking of. We can cheer each other on through these adjustments. I know we both want it so badly!! Lots of love to you, dear. xoxo

  3. This seems like a very short amount of time since your life changed in a big way. I’d think it will take a while to adjust to such a shift in schedule. A while, even, to let your body catch up with the greater demands. Maybe a new writing schedule will be easier to envision when you’ve had more time to adjust on every level. We’ll love hearing from you however often you are able…

    1. How right you are, Leigh. I want to be patient. It is so good to read your thoughts and to feel your support. Thank you. xoxo

  4. I so hear you. I’m getting ready to launch a new blog, one that I hope will be home for a long time, and it’s a challenge at the moment. Now once I’m there … 🙂

    1. Oh, how exciting with a new blog! Please keep me informed. I’d love to keep up with you over there. Wishing you creativity and patience as you make a new home for yourself. 🙂 xx

  5. Give yourself time. I remember when I started working in the day ward. I was exhausted and went to bed at like 8.30 every night. But that changed after a few weeks. It’s tough work learning and adapting to new stuff. Your body needs rest to process… that’s why babies need so many naps! All that new and exciting shibang is just too much to deal with. Love xx

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