the week that was a lesson in slow living // 4

whew. it’s been an intense week. good. but intense. no more “new girl at work” feeling for me. i’m totally in + running full speed ahead. still figuring out my way in some cases, but that leap of faith is done + i feel like i’ve landed on my feet now. and i’m slowly letting the rest of my life settle in around these new adventures; adjusting to this new part of the journey.

so, it’s the last day of january, and i feel satisfied + like i’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg that makes up 2016 at the same time. we are only one month in, with 11 more unwritten months to go. i feel like everything stretches out in front of me. and, yet, i feel like i’ve accomplished so much already at the same time. and all of that leaves me feeling exhausted + excited. one thing is for sure, though, that positive, kick ass, thrilled, hopeful feeling of beginning a new year has most definitely stayed with me. and that feels awesome.

i wonder if that “beginning of a new year” excitement is still around due to the fact that i am starting to learn how to truly live life slowly, intentionally, one day, one moment at a time…

practicing the art of slow living helps me to see every single day as a new beginning. i mean to really see + believe that each sunrise brings with it an endless array of possibilities and the opportunity to create whatever kind of life we want to create – even within the everyday life, with the everyday responsibilities, that we live + have.

i may not have it all figured out, but i feel like i have stumbled onto something during this first month of what i intend + believe will be a magical, beautiful year of evolving, growing, adventuring, living and loving. i’m not sure that i can put it into words very well.  but, i can give you an example: right now, as i type this, the sun is bursting into my living room. blinding my eyes, but i don’t care. i stopped typing for a moment to just feel the warmth. to be awake, alert, and alive in this moment. the heat of the sun is intense on my face. the light is so bright. and i am filled with power + excitement. this is just a short moment in a day filed with house chores and other things to take care of at home – laundry, cooking, website work, life coach preparations, etc. but, i experience it all moment by moment. fighting to stay aware + awake + grateful through it all. and that makes all the difference.

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Ancient + Modern • My evening commute w/ the sun setting behind the castle. (This city just takes my breath away). ✨ #walkeverywhere #urban #nothingisordinary #verilymoment

N A M A S T E, fellow seekers. Breathe deep + have a great week! ✨ #mondaymotivation #minimalism #verilymoment #namaste


Oh, how I love these slow, early morning moments. ? #morningslikethese #theartofslowliving #sunrise #nature

// sunset on my way home from work. folks, it’s getting lighter!

// buddha in the window

// city lights in uppsala. i love this city so much

// weekend sunrise moments by my kitchen window

3 good things

I got the coffee machine at work to work for the first time!! (And y'all know how important that is to me!) ?☕️ #coffee #coffee #coffee

// i announced on instagram this week with this photo that i finally figured out how to use the coffee machine at work. woo hoo! a super important thing to learn, ya know.


// i’ve been looking at these faux antlers for about a year. i wanted them, but knew i’d never put out the money for them. it was just too much. however, on friday, as i strolled in a department store with my love, i saw them and went over just to hold them and to dream. and, what did i notice, but a sale sticker on them. they were 70% off!! needless to say, i brought them home – and i can’t wait to put them up. so freaking excited.

Back-to-back sessionswith students all morning long. So. Freaking. Amazing. ✌️ #mentor #verilymoment #thehappynow

// this week at work i met with 24 different students individually for a little get to know you/see how you are session. i spent about 15 minutes with each of them over 2 mornings and then a few other random times. it was intense, but so freaking amazing to meet with them one on one. and let me just say… my job is intense, and heavy, and inspiring, and unbelievably amazing. i am so honored + humbled to get to do what i do.

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back in december i ordered some of my instagram prints from artifact uprising. this weekend, my love and i decided to display them on the wall in our little bedroom alcove.

if you take photos and want to have them printed as little square cards, calendars, poster prints, books, or a whole array of other things, i totally recommend artifact uprising. not only are they a  small start-up company, but they are environmentally friendly, personal, and super easy to work with.

i downloaded their app and then placed my order direct from my phone. they connect automatically with instagram and vsco (another photo editing app), so you can easily choose which photos you wish to print. and the quality is fantastic.

check them out –> here for US orders and –> here for orders in europe.

this week reminded me that trusting life to unfold, letting everything take its time, and living in the present moment is how to stay balanced + grounded. i may have an idea or a plan or a goal as to how i want things to roll, but life rolls on at its on pace. i may feel like freaking out a bit when things feel unfamiliar or not how i imagined them. but, it’s all good.

of course, i’m an active participant, co-creating with the universe a place of peace and compassion, but i am most effective when i live here + now. some days are slow + intentional. and some days are fast-paced + crazy. but, looking back, there is a beautiful dance + balance, when i stay focused on who i am, staying true to my journey, and simply remaining grounded.

i feel like i am repeating myself a lot, but i think that this is how life is teaching me these lessons. by drilling it into me. and writing about it helps me to let it all sink in. from my experience, it takes years to truly learn how to live a certain way. and, as i’ve said before, i spent about 8 years learning + practicing, and with 2016, i am actually beginning to live this life that i have been creating for so many years.

the end of the first month of year is just a natural time to pause + to reflect. and, since i haven’t had any plans this weekend, i’ve also been restoring my soul + my health. i’ve been letting all of the busy-ness of this past month, all of the new experiences with my job, all of the new routines that are just beginning, just slowly simmer this weekend. i’ve turned off everything + just let it all be. i needed to hit the pause button and reflect.

because tomorrow another step in the journey begins. and i can’t wait to see what adventures it brings. my intuition tells me that it’s gonna be an even busier, faster, more intense month that this one has been. but, i am so ready.

how was your week? did you learn any lessons or feel any special moments?

xoxo. liz.

earth • soul • spirit

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5 thoughts on “the week that was a lesson in slow living // 4

  1. Living in the present is something I am focused on right now, too, so it’s helpful to hear how you do it. Glad to hear you are settling in at your new job and as always I enjoy your light and positivity 🙂

    1. I wish you grace and patience as you seek to live the slow life too. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Carly! xo

  2. There’s a great deal to be said for slow-living and being present.

    I feel as though my new year hasn’t quite started. I think I’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year this year. (Year of the Monkey!)

    1. How wonderful that you are letting your year begin slowly – and that you will celebrate a new year with the Chinese calendar. It’s so important for us to free to follow our souls. xx

  3. You are teaching me to live in the moment more! Currently I’m in charge of the farm, because Rich is away for his yearly 2 week-visit to his mom. Feeding the whole lot is a big job, and takes me about 2 hours every day. I used to rush around, trying to do it all at once, resentment slowly bubbling away under the surface. I would even count down the days, eager to have him back to take all that extra work off my hands.
    That’s no more! Now I take it one day at a time, enjoying the process as I do it, stopping and looking around frequently. And that’s thanks to you and your example of living a slower life.
    Thanks so much Liz, you are a true inspiration!

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