A new age arrives with 2020’s first full moon


welcome to not only a new year, but to a new age, my friends. and the first full moon of 2020 is ushering it all in with epic power + inspiration. right now, this lunar moment, is a turning point. a portal into what just might be our collective destiny. in other words, this moon is a big f-ing deal.

i seriously think of space-y, future things when i say the words “twenty twenty”. it feels surreal. it also feels very magical + hopeful. and yes, it is the beginning of a new decade, but it goes way deeper than that, I think. it really is a time of great potential. a time of emerging from the darkness into the light. of slowly moving from death to birth. from seed to bloom. this is no regular first full moon of the year. this is something much deeper, higher, and more powerful. so, finding a little time to pause under january’s full moon is the perfect way to honor + get in tune with all that is happening.

as night’s full moon rose higher in the night sky i walked outside + up to my sacred mini-forest just a few minutes from my home. i stood in the dark, with the moon big + bright overhead. surrounded by big, majestic trees. and i found myself seeking… well, nothing. no answers to specific questions. no obsessive need to know the future. no desire to have some great revelation come to me. no longing for the moon to illuminate some hidden secret of my soul.

the only thing i felt (and feel) under this moon was deep gratitude. and a sense that things were ok. and a calm trust in the presence of what is. a sign that this truly is a new era. a new age. not just for me, but for us all.

i deeply believe that we are moving into an age of mindful, soul-driven action. an era of of not just awareness + acceptance, but awareness + acceptance that thrusts us forward + outward. to literally live our truth.

this year, under the first full moon, the energy is not about starting over, but beginning again. it’s not a time for wiping the slate clean, but for continued evolution. and the rise of the feminine.

so the only thing i am doing under this wolf full moon is howling. claiming my power + my truth. giving thanks for my presence in this moment. and celebrating all of the manifesting + emerging that has already begun.

but, the state of the world is crazy, right? so, how can i be so hopeful or heartless you may be wondering.

well, sometimes, often times actually, what feels + looks + is frustrating, frightening, and fucked up leads us toward a whole new way of living. globally, this year has started off with tragedy, war, climate disasters, and corruption. it weighs heavy on my heart. the unfairness, the sickness, the horror of it all.

still, i seek nothing. i trust in this new age that has begun. i trust the evolution of our minds + souls. and i am certain that as we emerge from the deep darkness of this time, we will come to claim our own power + truth more and more.

we will take mindful, soul-led action to right the wrongs and create peace + justice. it will not happen all at once, but it will come about by one little step from one person, one moment, one glimmer of hope at a time.

if there’s one thing this full moon says to us right now it is this: we are one under her light. and we are rising. as we each embody our soul, and offer our unique medicine, we emerge together to heal + change the world.

stand strong, wild soul. soak in the moonbeams. howl at the moon. own your truth. feel your soul. trust your intuition to lead you to your medicine. and then commit to embodying it + offering it to the world. one at a time we will emerge from our corner of the world. and together, we will rise into a new age of higher consciousness + soul-filled action. it is time to release + rebuild. it is time to be free.

i believe this with all of my soul, loves. deep full moon blessings as we cross over into a wild, feminine-ruled, humble, authentic, spiritual new age. xoxo. liz.

a song for the new age of 2020

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