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i have started a new project! a 40 day challenge like no other. i totally just made it up from my own little brain last week, with some inspiration from Instagram followers who make fun of the fact that i take lots of coffee photos and visit lots of cafes. so, i thought about that, combined a tons of things that i love together… and voila! www.fortydaysfika.com was born.

think: coffee, cafes, sweden, asheville, photos, journals, people, stories, transformations. eeeek. so. much. fun. and i’ll be recording it all on a new blog that i have created. that’s right. i have a second blog now, one that i am going to chronicle my next 40 days on. and during those 40 days i am gonna drink 40 cups of coffee & visit 40 cafes. don’t believe me? think i’m crazy? well, go on over to the new website/blog and see for yourself…


seriously. go on over RIGHT NOW and find our what this project really is and why i am doing it. while you are there, click the “fika time” (follow) button at the bottom of the page, and get yourself involved in my project/experiment/challenge – even if you just read along. c’mon… it’s only for 40 days. you can handle that. anyway, i am so so so excited! let’s fika!

peace & love… and a cuppa coffee.

(no worries! belovelive will still be going strong – every day (almost!), as usual!)

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