a little train blogging to start the weekend right

Hey y’all! For me, there’s nothing like riding the rails.  Snuggling into my seat, hopefully beside a window, and blogging while the countryside whizzes by. (Except for blogging on a plane while flying to some far away place!). I mean, trains are so romantic, you know. So European. And, of course, it always means an adventure of some sort. 

So, guess what I’m doing? Yep. I’m sitting on a train, by a window, and blogging from my phone. Totally. Right now. I’m headed southwards to meet up with my love. She’s been visiting her parents, so now that the work week is done, I’m joining her. Yay! 

We’re gonna hang out in Norrköping for a few days, where we used to live when we lived in Sweden before. As soon as I arrive (in an hour!), were headed to a new brewery that’s opened up, for a little beginning of the weekend celebration. I mean, what else would you except us to do?! Hehe. I don’t know what we’re doing tomorrow, but on Sunday were road tripping with some girls to Gothenburg for a concert Sunday night. So, pretty much it’s gonna be a busy + fabulous weekend. 

Back to the present moment. As I’m sitting on the train, typing this little post on my phone, there’s a crazy thunderstorm that we’re passing through. It was sunny and hot in Uppsala and Stockholm, and suddenly the bottom dropped out somewhere south of the big cities. But, it’s gonna clear up again. I can feel it. It’s just a quick, intense, beautiful, sweet-smelling summer storm, making the air all thick and humid, and reminding me of North Carolina. 

So, that’s my status right now. Traveling on a train. After a fabulous graduation celebration day at work. Breathing in the fresh summer air. Excited about seeing my love. Pumped about the weekend. And all of that equals that I’m one happy chick. 

What about you? Any plans for the weekend? Or are you taking it slow + easy? 

Whatever you’re up to, friends… Namaste. And happy weekend!!

xoxo. liz 

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