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I found a little list on my wife’s cousin’s blog. It sensed like a great little present moment post. A chance to pause for just a minute and actually notice what’s going on with me. Plus, it’s a list! And I love lists for the blog, don’t you?! So, here we go… here’s how it is with me… 

Right now. 


Mostly I am thinking about work… the end of the school year, moving my office and planning with my co-workers how we want our space to look. I’m also thinking about the things i need to get done in the next two weeks, and then things that I can’t wait to get started with after the students are gone. The semester has flown by… and I can definitely say that my work as a mentor/life coach for young adults is super intense, but oh so amazing.

Lina, my wife, and I are major series fans. We are totally into the Danish series The Bridge (Bron) right now. The first two seasons are on Netflix, and lucky for us, we can watch the third season on SVT Play (a Swedish channel) online. Before The Bridge, we were all into The Affair on HBO. Waiting on the new season for that one now. Tips from me!



I just finished The Art of Slow Living by Joseph Campbell and now I’m beginning The Surrender Experiment”by Michael A. Singer, both personal development kinds of books. I am sooooo looking forward to reading the novel Brooklyn by this summer! That’s gonna be my beachside reading. Totally cannot wait. Have you read it? Was it good? I’m also way into reading Women Who Run with the Wolves. Any thoughts on that one?


me work relax computer


Life coaching stuff. I am super ready to have some time to really get into it. And since I go back to only working 4 days a week starting in two weeks, I am gonna spend a lot more time working with creating this business. I’m also just beginning to make next year’s plans for my job at the school. So many things that I am going to do differently, my way, since I am beginning the year with the students (instead of hopping in in January)!



Tanks, jeans, and sandals. Decorating with lots of rings and moon earrings and long necklaces. And loving it every single minute of the hippie vibe of summer.



My new June playlist is what I’ve got plugged in these days. It’s got a lot of new-to-me songs, and a few old favorites of course. And when I don’t have music playing, I just soak up all of the birdies chirping outside.


sweet potato burger


Homemade sweet potato burgers. Recipe coming very soon!



Currently I am making a list of things that I want to buy this summer in the States… it’s so much cheaper there, everything. It’s not that I want to do crazy shopping, but there are a few things to stock up on while we’re there: make-up, a couple of pairs of shoes, craft beer, a few home decorations at a fave antique/second hand market, books…



Speaking of the States… TRIPS! We’re headed to Paris in a few weeks, then the archipelago in Sweden, and then the States for four whole glorious weeks. Needless to say, this is at the forefront of my mind pretty much continuously. Hehe.


OK, time for you to lemme know what you’re doing right now. How’s your present moment shaping up? Copy this list and add to your blog or Facebook… just for a bit of fun!

xoxo. liz.

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