a magical swiss-irish wedding day. 3.1

ok. i have taken so many pictures that i must divide them up. i know that some of you are waiting for the wedding pics,but you’re just gonna have to wait one more day. hehe. however, the pics in this post are from the wedding day, so they still count. we had some time in the morning before we needed to get ready for the wedding, so what did we do? we took advantage of the grounds around kilshane house by taking a long, slow walk out in nature. the air was crisp, the sun was warm, and the morning itself was perfect & magical. take a look at what ireland had to offer us…

good morning & hello sunshine!
it’s a great day for a wedding & the shoes are ready for some dancing.
time for breakfast! here is the groom… he just received a lovely gift from his bride.
hmmm… i think it’s time for a walk out in this perfect weather.

the house in the distance. amazing.
the garden where the owners grow organic food, which we had the pleasure of eating. yum yum.

yes. i slept in this manor. this estate house. i still can’t believe it.
the conservatory. such a peaceful place.

the window to the room where we stayed is the top one on the left. loved it.

the morning was beautiful, but it is now time to get ready. we’ve got a wedding to attend!

almost ready!

as i said, the morning was perfect. relaxing & beautiful. i continually had a difficult time believing all that my eyes were seeing, all the i was experiencing. it was too much to take in, and yet, i was soaking in every single moment. and the most exciting thing was coming… the joy of witnessing & celebrating the wedding of two beautiful people, and the chance to share all these moments with my life, my everything… my wife.

so, the next post will reveal the magical, beautiful, amazing moments of the afternoon & evening. the activities, the people, and the fun. stay tuned & check back tomorrow. i promise you won’t regret it. and i truly hope you enjoyed the glimpse of the lovely irish countryside today.

if you ever have the chance to visit ireland, do it. you will not regret one second! and i promise that i will never, ever take for granted the opportunities i’ve had to share, learn, & experience this amazing place…

i’d round all of you up, pay for your plane tickets, and take you there myself if i could. we would have so much fun!

may sunshine & peace follow you everywhere you roam.

6 thoughts on “a magical swiss-irish wedding day. 3.1

  1. You are an inspiration, Liz. Your posts are always so refreshing and peaceful. Thanks for that. Beautiful photos. I might have to put Ireland on my list of places to visit one day. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

    1. Heather, you should most definitely put Ireland on your list of places to go… right after Sweden, of course! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Yes, Ireland is definitely one of my favorite countries. Hope you make it there!

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