a sign.

there was a rainbow in the sky when i left to go home tonight. bright colors set against the dark sky. i tried to take a picture of it, but my phone showed 1% battery left the in the upper right corner. i snapped the photo, saw it on my screen, and then… my phone died. when i got home & plugged in my phone, i held my breath as i clicked to see my photos. was the picture saved? i’m sure you can guess that, sadly, it was not saved; otherwise you would have seen it as my top photo. still i saw the rainbow. i experienced it. and while i cannot share it with you, take my word for it. it was beautiful & vibrant. and i am certain that it was a sign. a sign of the promise of hope. something that means so much to me in life right now.

the sign that i did capture is in the above picture. it reads, “more time”. i have no idea what it is advertising, but when i saw it dancing in the wind and noticed all of the people rushing by, the sign spoke to me. i immediately knew that the sign was a symbol of what we all think we want & need… more time.

but, do we really want/need more time? or is that we just need to learn how to use the time that we have more wisely? i know i do. i want to. i want to stop being lazy & spending time on the wrong things. what i mean is, i want to seize the day. when i feel the desire to pack up my computer & go to my favorite, cozy attic, cafe space & work, then i want to do it. when i want to get in touch with someone & plan a time to see them, then i want to do it. if i feel the desire to pick up my camera & head out to take pictures, then i want to do it. i wanna suck the marrow out of every second of every day. i wanna cross things off of my bucket list; not just settle for existing, but really, truly live. no more waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect plan.

you know, i’m not sure if i really need more time, as the sign suggests. perhaps i just need more motivation.

so, my dear friends, how do you stay motivated? what things do you long to do with your time?

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  1. My motivation usually has to come from outside me, which is why a writer needs a blog! But right now…I’d love to travel to all the places where there’s sun and live a life of pleasure. For which one needs more time to make more money…or something like that 🙂

    1. I am right there with you! That’s all I think about every day right now… running away to a warm, sunny place to sit & write. Never to return. Just to keep traveling. Stupid money.

  2. Oh big motivation crisis on this side of the pond 🙁 though I cut down on watching tv which helps. So I figured it’s nearly 6 months after new years and I did quite well at the start of the year until spring tiredness hit me. So I’m gonna go for summer resolutions now 🙂 xx

  3. I should totally do some summer resolutions. Didn’t do any new years ones since i suck at keeping them. But I need some motivation somehow. And I need to turn off the tv. 🙂 xo

  4. Oh I really know what you mean… for me it’s working long hours right now and then feeling too lazy to do much else when I’m not working. I should just drop everything at 6pm and go home, and then maybe I’d have more time and motivation to do other stuff 🙂

    1. I am so with you. Gaahh. Lack motivation, but desire to do things. It’s a crazy balance, this life.

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