up-close. (and personal).

today’s photo challenge prompt is up-close. i first took a picture of the bracelet i was wearing, making it look a little artsy. you can see it here. then, i snapped this up-close shot of myself.

that got me thinking about being up-close & personal…

i got a request in the form of a blog comment the other day fromย heather.ย the request is to share my path to inner peace here on my blog in a series of posts. wow. a request to write about my journey in life. that’s a first & i must say, it feels humbling & amazing. i’ve been thinking about it since then… and i think i’ll do it.

you see, it could be a great motivation for me. a few years ago i decided that i really wanted to write a book about the past few years in my life. a kind of memoir of life-changing experiences & moments, which wind through my journey toward inner peace, to living from my soul, to learning to simply be me… including graduate school, a divorce, death, trips around the world, a marriage to a woman, struggles with how to be me, and the biggest move of my life so far. if i begin this series of blog posts, then i would, in effect, be beginning my book – which i have not really begun yet because i’m the world’s worst procrastinator. well, i have the first sentence. so, win-win situation, right? when i’m done with the blog series, hopefully i’ll be well on my way to getting my book going so that i can have it published one day.

ok. i’m ready to be up-close & personal with you all.

and it feels quite amazing to make this decision today. twenty years ago (20!!!) i graduated from high school. i cannot believe that it has been that long. when i graduated, i thought that celebrating/hitting the 20 year graduation mark only happened to old people. but, i was wrong. i’m not old at all. so, it feels so crazy that it was so long ago. i did not like myself much back then. i felt so different. i still feel different now, but i embrace that difference. i love the difference now. i love being 37 instead of 17.

it feels perfect to decide to begin to write about my journey from a shy, unsure, outcast girl uncomfortable in her own skin and unaware of anything that she wanted out of life to a woman who knows herself and follows her bliss on this day. it’s been a 20 year journey, and i think the time is right to begin. time to reflect & share up to this point. then, i set out on the next 20 years.

so, be watching. the posts will begin soon. as soon as i figure out where/how to start. hehe. thanks for the challenge, heather. i look forward to writing! hope y’all will enjoy reading.


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      1. Really, I want your life. (not exact same life but living in another country with the love of my life) Reading how you got there will inspire me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I totally agree with CarlyBeth. Seriously cannot *wait* to read this. I’m so glad I gave you that little push you needed (albeit unknowingly). I wish you the best of luck doing so, and I’ll be here every step of way taking it all in. You are very inspirational and a fantastic writer. (:

    1. your push is exactly what i needed. and now that i’ve received it, i realize that it is the PERFECT time for me to begin this. it was meant to be, i believe. xo

  2. I’m really looking forward to those posts and can’t wait to buy your book. You know how much of an inspiration you are to me but hey it’s always nice to hear these things even when you know them already. So you go girl write down those words and help us all on the journey to a better life and a better world xxx

    1. oh, nicole, your words touch me. thank you so much for all of your support for so many years. love ya!

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