asian invasion!

yesterday my love & i did something amazing. we booked tickets for a spring trip to CHINA!! i am still pinching myself. actually, after we booked the tickets i think i was in shock or something. i was excited, but really, really subdued. i stayed that way for the rest of the day. i believe that it didn’t feel real. that i couldn’t grasp the awesome amazingness of having an opportunity to travel to the other side of the world. to visit asia. to immerse myself for 2 weeks into a completely different culture. so, i just walked around, sort of staring.

but, now… gaaaahhh!!

i think it has sunk in, and i am overwhelmed!!! but, more than anything, i am humbled & grateful that we have the opportunity to make this trip. something i’ve always dreamed of, but never imagined i could actually do. i am fully & completely aware of the fact that my life is so blessed. i only hope that i use my life to give back so much of the love, opportunity, and joy i have received. i/we are also unbelievably grateful that our friend, c, who is an american living in china for this year, has opened her home & her sofa to us… she is a huge reason why this trip is possible! and it’s gonna be kick ass awesome to get to spend time with her!

so, here are our plans:

  • stockholm –> beijing(peking) for 2.5 days
  • beijing/peking –> hong kong
  • hong kong–> zhuhai for 10ish days (where our friend lives)
  • zhuhai –> hong kong for 2 days
  • hong kong –> stockholm & home

here are some things i may or may not see… nevertheless, they are inspirational images helping to rev up my excitement even more!


hong kong


by the way, all images found on pinterest.

GAAAHHH!!! so excited!

one thing that i truly, deeply want for my life is the chance to travel to world, to experience different cultures & meet different people, eat different food, understand customs, spirituality, life, & society in other countries. and for some reason or another, i find myself having those opportunities. i find myself packing my bags, hopping on planes, and ending up in the middle of new places more often than i’d ever imagined. i am fully, fully, fully aware of how blessed my life is. and it is my sincere, from-the-bottom-of-my-heart hope that i use my life to give back so much of the love, opportunity, and joy i have received.

where in the world do you dream about visiting?!

sending out a little thursday peace to you all.

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  1. Oh Liz, what an incredible journey! I visited Hong Kong last year for 3 days en route to Thailand for sailing trip. But I haven’t touched the rest of China. Can’t wait to hear about it…and which places you recommend. Safe travels! xo

  2. Soo happy for you! Also mightily jealous. Absolutely loooove Asia and china is high on my list. Promise me to watch Mulan to get in the groove 🙂

    1. Oooo… I’ve actuallt never seen Mulan, so that is a promise I’ll make & keep. Love you!

  3. Oh my gosh, this sounds like such an AWESOMAZING trip! I all jealous and my face is turning green! I hope you will be able to take many beautiful pictures so that you won’t have to snag them off of pinterest anymore. And wow, the great wall of China – how awesome is that? It seems like a few weeks just won’t be enough for a trip of such diversity, but it’s def a good start!

    1. oh, you know i”ll have plenty of my own photos to show! 😉 i truly can’t believe that i have the chance to go.

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