berlin’s cozy atmosphere.

IMG_8379since it was so cold outside, we found ourselves snuggling & cozy inside in lots of different spaces throughout berlin. loooots of cozy places. sometimes it was chilly even inside, but it could be due to the fact that my bones were literally frozen from being outside. hehe. anyway, from coffee shops, to stores, to restaurants, to apartments, berlin offered us lots of shelter from the rain, snow, & wind.

so, basically, after seeing the historical sights, taking advantage of all the public transportation, and checking out the highlights of urban berlin, we spent quite a bit of time indoors as well. here are some places & ways we took off the chill…

bread the view windows floordoor shopping silly camera shopping hot crowds starbucks girl vapiano pizzacheck mexican food coffee brunch me flea market tea time us photo botth relaxing christian & gesine

arrived home to a cold, but sunny sweden. yay, sunshine!
arrived home to a cold, but sunny sweden. yay, sunshine!
zola had lots to tell us as soon as we got home.
and zola had lots to tell us as soon as we walked in the door. hehe.

uswell, friends, that’s about everything. it was only 3 days, but we did a lot and saw a lot. it was a fabulous weekend, and we are soooo grateful to christian & gesine for being amazing hosts! we can’t wait to come back!

and, if you ever have the chance, get yourself to berlin. it’s funky, old, urban, and international. i, myself, checked another thing off of my bucket list. and i am so thankful for the opportunity! what a blessed life i lead. thanks for following along as i chronicled our trip!

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peace, love, & understanding.

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  1. What wonderful photos! Sometimes those cozy moments hiding from the cold make some of your favorite travel memories- just spending time with those you love! 🙂

  2. exactly!! what is more important than relationships and who doesn’t love coziness?! 🙂

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