countdown to the big arrival

i have posts drafted for today that i need to finish, and i have one for friday that i really need to complete too. but i’m just not in the mood. oh, i’ve had time today, but i can’t concentrate. i am too damn excited.

my brother arrives in 2 hours!

so, since i’ve been all excited and anxious, i’ve been doing lots of random things like, creating my august playlist (and it’s gonna be a good one), doing a little creative photoshop stuff, and basically killing time. good thing i’ve got a haircut appointment just before he arrives to help me get through the last hour. oh, and lina + i have made a few plans for our next two chicks + a chat vlog! so stay tuned for that in a few days.

in the meantime, here’s a little selfie from yesterday. lina + i headed down to norrköping to get away for a few days. we are meeting my brother here and  plan to show him around a bit, since lina + i used to live here. seriously. my mind is blown. i get to take my little bro all around + show him where i’ve lived, where i live now… basically share with him that swedish side of me. freaking out.

me black and white 2015

hope you have a  great wednesday, friends. i know mine will be good!

onwards + upwards!

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