crazy weekend nights.


ok. maybe my weekend nights are not crazy in your eyes, but they are my nights just the same. and i like them. i’m not ashamed. judge me if you want… well, perhaps we just have different definitions of crazy. hehe. i’m kidding. they were definitely not wild & crazy nights, but they have been crazy in their own special way in my little part of the world.

friday’s craziness involved working with about 6 teenagers… we played some games together, laughed uncontrollably, and talked some about lent & this journey we’re on for the next 40ish days. it was a really great night full of tons of joking & fun! no, there was mass of teenagers breaking down the doors, (due to the fact that it was winter break for them), but sometimes it’s good to have a smaller group. when it’s a smaller group, i can really spend some quality time with them – and that i did. on my way home, i stopped on the street to say hey to my love while she was at work with her teenagers (my internship teens). i walked with some of them for a little bit & then headed to our neighborhood pizzeria to grab a late night snack to munch on when i got home (it was about 10:30pm when i got home). for some reason i was wide awake, so i stayed up until my love came home (2:00am). it was really cozy… hanging out under my covers with my computer & my cat. oh, and my snack was awesomely yummy.

the sunset as i walked to work friday night. gorgeous.

 self-explanatory. hehe.

saturday’s craziness was all about a little pub visit (after working some in the afternoon) to our favorite spot just down the street from us. i love spending some quality time with my love… just chatting, dreaming, and getting in touch with each other. it’s so important to make time to just be together & catch up. we ended the night at home by watching the swedish song contest that everyone watches on saturday nights. we gotta choose the artist who’s gonna represent sweden in the eurovision song contest (for all my american friends, think… american idol, but with a representative from every state). this is a big deal here.

the pub.

sunday night’s craziness has been dominated by some interior decorating! lina had a little inspiration this afternoon as we wandered through downtown, so we made a few purchases & voila! we hung new art over our bed! check out lina’s blog (here) to see a cool post on the decorating process.

i love it! (kudos to my love for coming up with the great idea!)

that’s about it for the weekend’s “craziness”. gonna rest for the remaining moments of my weekend before a busy week begins again. buuuutttt… something amazingly fantastic happens at the end of this week… one of my dearest friends/former youth/”little sister” from the states is coming to visit us for a week!!! it’s a big moment for our little family, she’s our first visitor from the other side of the pond!

just to give ya a little background, j & i traveled together to sweden in 2007, which just happens to be when i met lina (i was a the leader for the youth “mission” trip she was on). more on our visitor (check out her blog here) & perhaps more on how lina & i met, later on… ♥

so, if i thought this weekend was crazy… well, next weekend will be super crazy. for real. can’t wait!

how was your weekend? i’m all ears… peace out, my peeps.

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  1. hehe!!! thanks for the encouragement. i do have a question though… i have put off writing about how lina & i met because it is part of a bigger story of a very special, transforming time in my life which i am planning to write a book (memoir) about. should i tell the story of our love here if i plan to include it in a book later? or would telling our story here serve as a motivation for me (and others) to actually get off my ass & write my memoir? get what i mean?

    ooo… i may post about this & ask the opinion of all my readers…

    🙂 thanks for listening. xx

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