day 1: peace.

it may just be one of my favorite words in the english language: peace. so, when this may challenge presented me with a chance to photograph something that represents/embodies peace, my mind went crazy. in a good way. i could do that all day long. i would love to do that all day long. but, i didn’t. instead, i went for something simple. sometimes less is more.

now, i’m not promising anything, but i think i’m gonna try posting my pic & a reflection on it every day in may. starting the month with the word “peace” as my inspiration has to be a sign. so, i’m stepping up my may challenge to a new level. i’m not planning on anything long & drawn out, just a few words or thoughts – my own, or someone else’s – to go along with my daily photo challenge. we’ll see what happens. i just feel that i’ve done the challenge with just the pics for 2 months now, so it’s time to shake things up a bit. i hope you’ll enjoy my daily posts. of course, there will be other posts as well, interspersed here & there. you know i’m long-winded & i loooove writing. hehe. thank goodness y’all hang with me through those long posts. but, for the month of may, it’s all about getting inspiration from the pictures.

ok. back to today’s theme. peace. i remember when i was in college i had to rank 10 words (that the professor gave us) in order – most important to least. my number 1 (most important) number was… you got it. peace. inner peace, to be exact. i was the only one in the class with that listed as my number 1 word. i’ve always been a little different. hehe. anyway. my reasoning? when we seek inner peace, strive for balance & harmony in our lives, remained connected to our souls, then we can be of better service to ourselves & those around us. peace & balance allow us to be used, to create, to fly, to make a difference. for me, inner peace is the ground of everything else. it is not the absence of suffering, difficulties, and pain… instead it is a sense of calm & hope in the midst of all of that because we are faced with suffering, confusion, pain, and reality every moment of our lives. peace gives us strength to make it through. so, there is nothing that i want more than peace. for myself & for everyone.

there’s nothing more to say, dear readers, except to wish you much love…

and peace.

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  1. This is probably one of my most favorite posts from you…. ever. And that’s saying something because your posts are *fantastic*, always. I agree with you 120% about inner peace. So true. That is what I am searching for. Thank you for reminding me why. <3

  2. Wow! Thanks, Heather! I’m thinking of you & praying for your journey toward inner peace. It’s a lifelong journey, you know. 😉 xx

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