day 2: skyline.

today has been weird. not my regular schedule, mostly due to the fact that i officially have stopped being at my internship, so my wednesdays are not the crazy 8am – 10pm days anymore. not sure how i feel about it. but, change is good, right? well, the alternative of being busy all day long gave me a chance to sit in the sun with my love this afternoon. we spent about an hour in our little apartment building backyard – the sun blazing down on us, turning our skin a little bit pink. as we sat there, i leafed through our paris guide book, familiarizing myself with the neighborhood where we’ll be staying. it sounds gorgeous. of course, we’ll be all over the place, but it’s always nice to have a great neighborhood to stay in as well. but, i digress. about my instagram picture. it’s the view i had of the skyline from where i was sitting outside. we’re so lucky to have a little backyard & so much sky to look at. plus some old, fab european buildings. loved my skyline view today.

after spending an hour or so outside, we went back upstairs. i was actually boiling, it was so hot in the sun. that crazy swedish sun… so freaking warm. upstairs, lina began baking & i changed my clothes and headed off to yoga. oh my gosh. yoga. one and a half hours of breathing, focusing, and being. so important to my life. it’s amazing how reconnecting with your mind, body, & soul makes such a difference, and brings inner peace (see yesterdays post. hehe.).

i hope at some point today you had a beautiful moment with a beautiful view. wherever you are… take in all that’s around you & find something beautiful. look up at the sky & keep dreaming.

love & peace.

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  1. I can’t stand hot weather. 🙂

    You are too north to have such hot weather. I always nursed the false fantasy that Sweden had six months of very cold winter and six months of very cold summer. It sounded like heaven to me. Or was it six months of day and six months of night? Ok that sounds lame I know. I am quite good with geography, I don’t know why I have mixed my wires with Sweden. 🙂

    1. hehe. the thing is, the temperature here is not that warm, it’s just the intense sunshine. so, whenever i’m in the shade, it’s really chilly. therefore, i can get away from the heat pretty easily. 😉 summer can be all over the place, 25 for 2-3 weeks and then 10 for 2-3 weeks. it’s crazy. you never know. as for the light & dark… it is pretty light for 5 months, and super dark for 3… the other months are fairly normal. at least where i live. in the north, though, it never gets dark or never gets light depending on the season. you should just come for a visit and see for yourself.:)

  2. Where will you be staying in Paris? I’m a Swede living there, so maybe I could give you some tips. 🙂 One thing you just have to do is to buy ice cream from Amorino, it’s soooo delicious! They have little shops all over the city, so I’m sure you’ll bump into at least one of them. My favourite flavour is L’inimitabile, it’s basically like frozen nutella. Yummy!

    1. Hej Rebecka!
      Cool to find a connection in France and the possibility of getting some tips. We are staying near Jardin des Plantes just outside the 5th arr. All we really wanna do is see the typical stuff, eat at some cozy cafes/bistros, drink some wine, and explore “real Paris”. We love to travel & see the true culture of a city, not just the tourist traps, so we can feel the vibe of the culture. Thanks for the ice cream tip! If you think of anything else, let me know. 🙂

      1. That’s a great area and Jardin des Plantes is a beautiful park. I guess you’ve already planned to go to Shakespeare & Company, that’s such a cozy bookstore! It’s located at 37 rue de la Bûcherie, really close to Notre Dame, but on the other side of the river. And when you’re in that area you should stroll along Rue Saint-André des Arts, there are lots of small shops and restaurants. A bit touristy, but not in a bad way. On that street you’ll also find two nice cafés. My favourite is called Malongo, it’s not typically French but they have really good coffee and good cakes, and it’s just a really nice and cozy and often even quite calm place. The other one is called Paul and is really French and they have so many good pastries, but it’s also a restaurant and it’s quite busy and the waiters are so unattentive and annoying, so I’ve actually stopped going there. But you should try! Then there’s also my favourite crêpe restaurant, Crêperie Saint-Germaine, at nr 33. Not typically French either, but such a nice place with mosaic on the walls and of course really good crêpes. If you would like to go to more genuine crêpe place, you should try Chez Imogène at 25 rue JP Thimbaud, check it out here: That area, around Oberkampf, is also a lot more like “real Paris”. I live there and I haven’t seen many tourists, just a lot of French people enjoying a glass of wine in the many bars and bistros along Rue Oberkampf. And when you’re there, in east Paris, you should go to the cemetery Père Lachaise, it’s huge and really beautiful and calm, and lots of celebrities are buried there, for example Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf. But I’m sure you’ve read about it in your guide books. What they usually don’t write much about in the guide books though, is Parc des Buttes Chaumont, in the 19th arr. It’s the best picnic park in Paris, and a really cool place too! And of course you should go up to Montmartre! In the morning of a sunny day you’ll have the best view of Paris from there. OK, I could probably go on all night with where I’ve eaten the best chocolate fondant in my life and so on, but I’ll just stop here. I hope you find some of my tips useful and that you will have a great stay in Paris!

        1. omg!!! thank you for all the tips! we will definitely be checking out your recommendations! thanks again! by the way, how did you end up in paris? i’m curious!

  3. Oooh I remember the Swedish sun from last June and I want some!!! Also a friend invited me to join her yoga class so I might give it go. Have a happy Thursday x

  4. Well, I play the cello and I study at Malmö Academy of Music, but now I’m on an exchange year in Paris. I desperately wanted to go to London for this year, but somehow I ended up in Paris instead, and now I’m getting used to this city, which is not at all like lovely London, but still pretty cool. And by the way, before moving to Malmö I lived in Norrköping, so that’s part of why I like to read your blog. Reminds me of the old days. 🙂 But there are other reasons too, so thanks for sharing your life in this blog, it actually helps me a lot!

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