day 13: mom.

happy mother’s day to all you mothers, mothers-to-be, and woman who are like mothers to others! where would we be without strong women in this world… to inspire us, challenge us, and encourage us. in my opinion, today is a day to celebrate all women and girls, and all that it means to be empowered and loving females seeking to change the world; beginning with ourselves, our families, out homes, out cities, our countries, and our entire planet. what an amazing gift it is to be created as unique individuals, to share our stories and our experiences, to raise our voices together, to grow together, to love & support each other in the hopes of bringing about justice and equality to our broken lives and our broken world.

for me, celebrating womanhood is something i do every day. i have the joy of being married to a woman, and that is something that feels powerful and right. but, today, even as i celebrate my marriage to a woman (and what that means to me in helping me to be a better woman), and as i celebrate all women & girls, i must say that more than anyone else, today i celebrate my mother…

my mom is the woman who has taught me how to love all people, and how to respect & enjoy differences. she has supported me in my crazy ideas, my unconventional decisions, and encouraged me to follow my dreams. because of my mom, the most important thing to me is enjoying life with my family… and finding some way to use that life to be true to myself & at the same time inspire others.

there are many women who have influenced me in my life, but none are as influential or important as my mother & my wife… the two woman in my life who teach me how to be me.

happy mother’s day to all you amazing women out there!


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