the sun is gonna shine.

there is one thing that you must know about me, and many of you do. i am a huge beatles fan. h.u.g.e. and, of course, john lennon is my fav (no offense to you other 3 beatles), for many reasons including his undying belief in peace, love, and creativity. still, the beatles as an entire group always touch my soul and make me feel something that i really can’t describe with words. i’m guessing that there are many people all over the world who understand what i’m saying.

i admit that i haven’t really kept up with the beatles’ solo careers (except of course i adore john lennon’s solo/duo career with yoko ono). but, every now and then something catches my attention. and that leads me to this post…

i ran across this on the beatles Facebook page this morning. it is beautiful. the music. the video. the two people (natalie portman & johnny depp are truly 2 of my favorite actors). the instruments. the lyrics. it is something to just soak in.

this is for you, my baby. my life, my everything. my valentine. i love you.

find a beatles song to listen to today that inspires you. and keep the faith that one day, the sun will shine again. and if you have been blessed with someone to share life with, cherish every little moment together. oh, and one last thing, love always wins.

peace. love. understanding. and rainbows.

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