day 21: where i stand.

ok. i went a little crazy on this one. and yes, i’m addicted to the little collage thing-ys this week. so sue me. i can’t help it… it just how my creative juices are flowing. well i went crazy taking pictures of the places where i was standing simply because i was standing (in line!) so many places. felt like i was constantly standing & waiting today.

waiting. one of the hardest things to do. super hard to wait in a line, when your brain is thinking of the 10 million other things you’ve gotta do, or of the 10 bajillion other things you’d much rather be doing than waiting in line. but, waiting in lines is a fact of life. i usually do serious people watching when i’m standing around. i make up stories of what they’re doing, where’s they’re from, and what their lives are like. sometimes i go a little crazy with my imagination. it’s pretty easy to do when you’re visiting the immigration offices. so, how do you keep yourself busy in lines?

then there’s waiting for answers or for problems to be solved. waiting for things to get better. waiting for what might/might not happen. here’s when my imagination gets the best of me. in an attempt to control things, i make up scenarios of what may or may not happen, and i drive myself crazy while i’m waiting.

nope. i’m not a fan of waiting. but, wait, i must. and somehow,  i will figure out how to pass the time… perhaps look around & live in the moment. hmmm… have i said that before?

waiting to get the day starting. and waiting in lines all over the city today.

 where i stood just before i satisfied my inner little american girl with a mcdonalds lunch in the sun.

good luck standing & waiting. sending you patient vibes & peace.

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  1. Jag har lärt mig att istället för att bli frustrerad över att få vänta på sin tur ska man tänka: Så skönt, nu får jag vila mig en stund!

  2. Ah, remember those days of queues where everyone ignores everyone else…

    Nice shoes you are standing in 🙂

  3. Liz – you get back stateside to NC please let me know. I will love to meet y and urs in Asheville. Only 4 hours from Atlanta, girl.

    1. heck yeah! sounds great!!! we donut know if were coming this summer or not. but, def coming during christmas! 🙂

  4. Had the same exact problem! Didn’t know which picture to choose as I took so fricking many that day. “Where you stand” can be a prettay broad term when it comes to 24 hours of a busy day. lol

    1. but your picture was pretty awesome!!! to stand & see that nyc skyline view at work?! so cool. yep. i’m jealous. 🙂

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