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  • in the wild

    how to start a summer day.

    1. get up as late as possible and throw on some clothes. 2. meet some friends at a designated place in the city & jump in their car. 3. head off to a somewhat…

    5 Jul 2012
  • life

    day 21: where i stand.

    ok. i went a little crazy on this one. and yes, i’m addicted to the little collage thing-ys this week. so sue me. i can’t help it… it just how my creative juices are…

    21 May 2012
  • be

    an august picnic can teach you a lot.

    one of the hardest things for me to do is to live in the present moment. i’m forever looking back, remembering & re-living events. many times wishing it was still like it was “back…

    2 Aug 2011