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    1. i think the hardest is when i don’t know when i will head back over there… there’s no trip planned yet. 🙂 so, i’m putting on a brave face & preparing for summer in sweden, hoping it’s a beautiful one!

  1. The good news is that this is the most beautiful time of the year in Sweden, and you have a good ability to be able to soak in “moments” in life around you.

    You also have the benefit of technology that allows for near normal conversations with people across the ocean. I know there is not yet a way to share hugs, but you can still “look in their eyes” and “hear their voice”.

    All that being said, I think homesickness is a symptom of love: that you love and miss your family and friends. It’s not a weakness and it’s not saying that you don’t love the people in your everyday Swedish life.

    I know that feeling, and it is just a fact of life when you are living somewhere else than “home”.

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