day 5: mexico, pride, & birdies.

hola! it’s may 5th. cinco de mayo! not that that means a lot here in sweden. but, in the states where we find any reason to party, we celebrate mexican heritage & pride on this day. of course, you know my love & i like to bring in a few american traditions into our home here, so i bought some corona to enjoy this evening. not quite the same as eating at cheap, little hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant serving a bottomless basket of chips & salsa, but hey, i’m giving it my best shot.

speaking of pride, in our city we had a different kind of pride celebration today… LGBT pride. yep it’s norrköping’s pride weekend, and there are little things happening all around the city. ironic, huh? all of the inability for the methodist church to become an inclusive church, the upcoming vote on the marriage amendment in nc… both negative things, both working against LGBT people. and then, here, in my city, a weekend dedicated to lifting up LGBT people and to creating a more open society. even the trams have rainbow flags on them as they go all through the city this weekend. ♥

ok. now on the the picture for today’s challenge: bird.

i love birds. or birdies, as my love & i like to say. when i see them, wings spread wide, high up in the sky, gliding through the air… i always have this little twinge of jealousy. i wanna fly like them. i wanna feel that freedom of soaring in the air and feeling the wind on me. and some days, i wanna feel it more than others. know what i mean?  it seems like way up there, problems, worries, & fears can’t possibly follow. all that’s there is you & the big, blue sky. the air is clean, crisp, and it fills your lungs as you breathe in deeply all the peace & wonder that surrounds you. oh yeah. i wanna fly.

here’s to wishing you freedom & peace.

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  1. Happy Pride & happy Cinco de mayo to you & yours! 5 May is another celebration here- my daughter’s b’day (13 yesterday!). Had a party at home & sleepover of 6 girls (so glad it’s over- the decibel level! …lol).

    I decided to have a browse around your little town- was doing a Google- street view…and I actually found the building in your photo! I showed my daughter & we did a mini-tour of the area- really a beautiful & quaint little place. You’re lucky to live in such a nice spot, Liz!


  2. happy birthday to your daughter! welcome to the teenage years (both of you!)! wow. 6 girls all night. i’ll bet it was squeal-y. 🙂

    that’s so neat that you looked up my area! glad that you & your daughter got to see a little peek. it’s so much fun to explore different places, even if it’s only with google maps! of course, the best is making trips to new places. you’re in australia, right? or did i make that up? 😉

    happy monday, tracy!

    1. Good Monday morning (here) to you L~ The party was, indeed, squeal-y~ but not so much as to set my hair on end- lol. We decorated black & white, and made cute mini-cupcakes. Dinner was 10 pizzas- all eaten by next morning!

      And yes, you got it right- Australia is our new home. Been here since 2007- it’s a “moving” story that ought to be a screenplay someday. We’re on the west-side, in Mandurah (just south of Perth, the capital of Western AU). Whilst I can appreciate the uniqueness of the euro-look of your area, I also have a fondness for the beauty of WA. Being where we are means nearly instant access to estuary & ocean. It’s really something to go for walks & see flocks of galahs (crested cockatoo) on the ground, iridescent green parrots in the trees, & kangaroo lounging on the local golf course.

      T 🙂

      1. now i sooo curious about your moving story.

        as for where you live, sounds absolutely beautiful. i love the vibe of the city, but i thrive in the midst of beautiful, natural settings. something i miss here (even though sweden is beautiful. but we don’t have a car, so it isn’t so easy to get out of town & into the country or by the sea. i also miss warm weather.)

        lina and i have been talking a lot lately about wanting to visit australia. i think i’d love it there! 🙂

  3. Happy Cinco de Mayo! We do celebrate it over here in NYC but funny enough no one really felt like partying. First, it was rainy, gloomy, and humid (bad for your hair and looking good, you know?!). Second, I had partied the night before and was hungover. Third, my friends bailed on the “great” plans I had made: Getting wasted at brunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. So yeah, so much to a great Cinco de Mayo. You actually did a ton more with your Corona in Sweden than I ever did yesterday in the US of A . haha

    1. haha. but you went to a launch party in soho recently! you win the excitement contest. 🙂

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