i have a confession to make. i’m having a super difficult time concentrating these days. i am spending so much time daydreaming… thinking and imagining of things to come. i can’t seem to focus on the here & now. at the same time, i am completely soaking up the here  & now. weird. i can’t really explain it. it’s like i’m excited about the future & the present & the past all at the same time. i’ve got a lot on my mind. i’m feeling inspired. and motivated. yet, at the same time, i can’t seem to focus on those things that are my responsibilities. not. good. i’ve gotta get a grip & balance things better. i can’t spend every waking moment dreaming life away… then again, i’m not dreaming life away. i’m simply living it. some moments i am so fully in the moment, and some moments i am so focused on what might happen (i.e. following my dreams).

i must say, that my wife is causing me to daydream a lot lately. it’s like i’m falling in love with her all over again right now. everything feels amazing, like butterflies are fluttering around inside me all the time. i get lost in her beautiful doe eyes when i look into them. i am inspired by her motivation, her drive, her dreams. i can’t seem to get enough time with her these days… laughing, singing, talking, enjoying life with her. every single moment. yep. she’s the source of my daydreaming, i believe. and she is bringing me so much joy. ♥

but, all of this is a good thing. so, i guess i’ll keep daydreaming… we gotta enjoy life while we can, right? soak up the beautiful moments when we get them. let ourselves fall in love over & over again. and remain thankful, very thankful, when we feel this way on any given random wednesday in the middle of fall.

thanks for listening. here’s to wishing you a dreamy wednesday.




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  1. Hi there! I love your blog, the colors etc. and I was wandering how you created the side bar on your right, like the ‘hello’ sign and the advertisement..

    1. Hey Amber! Thanks for the compliment & for checking out my little space here. Glad to have yoU!

      The whole sidebar on the right is part of my wordpress theme, Triton Lite. In the appearances section on the wordpress dashboard, when I click on “widgets”, I can add different widgets to the sidebar. For the hello button, and other advertisements/links, I dragged the “image” widget to the sidebar. Then, I uploaded the picture (hello – is something I did in photoshop & saved to my computer, the others are images from the web that i saved to my computer) on, then copied that url into the image widget (image url). In order to have the ad/button link to something else, I just copy the link of the website (link url).

      Does that make any sense to you? If not, I can try to explain in better detail. Just let me know! 🙂 I hope that’s what you wanted to know. If not, or if you have any other questions, just ask!

  2. You know what Liz? It’s fantastic to see someone who actually sees & appreciates what they have & how much it means to them. Not “after-the-fact”, but in the now. Most don’t.

    You have a lot of good things heading your way & a lot of this is due to your outlook- which is wonderful. The other bit is your Lina- your muse.

    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts & stories & I hope to glean something from your photo tips, too!

    Tracy 🙂

    1. What sweet words, Tracy. Thank you. Lina is my muse, and life eels so full of possibilities right now. 🙂 I’ve got photo tip posts underway, so don’t worry!

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