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24 Dec 2012


let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. ~ sy miller and jill jackson

wishing you all, my dear readers, a beautiful holiday season. thank you for being who you are, for inspiring me with your words, and for sharing a tiny bit of your journey with me. i’m so thankful our paths have crossed.

may the peace of the universe be with you.

with all my love,

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  • Reply Louise G. 24 Dec 2012 at 06:40

    And peace be with you.

    • Reply liz 28 Dec 2012 at 04:32

      Peace & love, sweet lady!

  • Reply Tracy 24 Dec 2012 at 11:49

    Thanks for that Liz- and many returns to you, Lina, & your families.

    Your blog is most appreciated (I think) because while it’s a bit on the optimistic side (nothing wrong with that, lol) it’s also very real & you impart your thoughts & feelings in a way that is clear.

    Being a “globe-trotter” doesn’t hurt- as I feel many people (esp. in the US) see this as a “fantasy” that only the wealthy are able to partake in. Therefore, you are this “success story”- not just for moving countries, but also for moving to understand your sexuality. I believe that all of this (plus your obvious photographic talent) will end up taking you places. Imho.

    All of that said- you & yours have a great holiday together & I look forward to reading more in 2013.

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

  • Reply liz 28 Dec 2012 at 04:33

    Tracy, you are so kind! Thank you for your support and for be a faithful reader! You are much appreciated. Happy 2013 to you & yours! xo

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