gratitude 30: wrapping it up.

a great big thank you to positively present for inspiring me during november to find something to be thankful for every day! november has now come to a close, and i’m celebrating the last day of the month by hanging out in the kitchen all afternoon preparing for our thanksgiving dinner celebration scheduled for tomorrow night. eeekk! i’m excited about preparing all of the food, eating it, and sharing the meal with my love & our friends. gonna be cozy!

after cooking my afternoon away, my love, g, & i are headed out for a night at the theater. so cultured, aren’t we? g’s gonna come late afternoon, we’re gonna enjoy some beer & candles at home, and dress up a little, and then head to the theater. we’ve been looking forward to this evening for a long time.

for now, i’ll leave you with my last gratitude 30 pictures! thanks for following!

22. color

we celebrated thanksgiving evening by watching “miracle on 34th street” on tv! oh, the colors & the magic!

23. energy

the energy &talent of these kids inspires me so much.

24: adventure

so true. wonder what adventures will come in 2013?!

25: beauty

i love the beauty of the cozy swedish traditions during the christmas season. like, drinking glögg. mmm…

26: tradition

one of the biggest swedish traditions during advent/christmas. candles in all the windows. love.

27: sound

the sound of coffee brewing in the morning. the best. 

28: comfort

look who’s cozy & comfy in a pillow tent.

29. art

lovely christmas art on my lovely christmas beer. yummy.

 30: love

i love these two so very much. my two girls. ♥

alrighty, peeps. that winds up this month. one more month to go. one more photo challenge to enjoy! and this month i invite you to join me in belovelive’s first photo challenge!! yep. i made one of my own. check here to see the challenge & some tips.

happy friday, everyone! enjoy your first weekend of december!

peace & love.


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