have wheels. will travel.

hyundai carwell, we bought a car! after some long, excruciating hours of wheelin’ & dealin’ at the car dealership, we got the car we wanted at a fair price. woo hoo. together, lina & i got the price down to exactly what we said we could be our spending limit. again, who needs a man?! the guys (and sadly, it was all guys) were actually really nice and helpful and funny. seems that we run into fun, kind, friendly people everywhere. love that.


IMG_0136of course, since we now have wheels, we took them into the downtown area. parked. and did a little shoe shopping. hehe. while we were out & about, i snapped a few pics of the area. downtown asheville, the place we love with all our hearts.


IMG_0143our apartment is just outside of downtown, so it takes about 5-10 minutes to drive to the center of town. really close. really handy. and exciting!

IMG_0139we ended the day with a family dinner at a local pizza place… asheville brewing company. they brew their own beer, show movies in their theater area (for super cheap), have tons of veggie food, and a great, funky atmosphere. so, i ordered the firehouse beer (with jalepenos!) and some other scrumptious goodies. but, the best was that we were all together for dinner. i am so thankful. xo, family!

IMG_0146now, it’s the weekend, and we’ve got some fun plans. there’s a music festival/street fair in downtown all weekend = equal beer, music, walking, local vendors, crafts, & fun. then, on sunday, we are headed to tennessee for the day (only a hour away) to visit dollywood!! dolly parton’s amusement park! lina is about to freak the freak out.

ok. errands to run now. emails to send. and then, the fun begins. happy friday, my friends! (after photos of the apartment coming soon!)

peace & love.

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  1. I LOVED Dollywood when I visited it 4 years ago on my birthday! Have fun!

  2. I LOVED Dollywood when I visited it four years ago. It was soo much fun!
    Hope you’ll enjoy your visit there!

  3. I’m happy for the two of you – and for Liz’ family having you nearby again!

  4. Wow, that beer with jalapenos sounds prettay amazing! Congrats on getting a car! I guess you are in Americaaa after all, land of Fords and more.

    1. the beer WAS awesome. and, as for the car, it’s a must now. but, that’s ok, i totally love driving. always have. and it’s a hyundai, so not so american. hehe

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