ho hum. just another pic in the paper.

you got it. i’ve got another one of my pics published in a newspaper. no big deal. this is just how we photographers live…

i’m kidding. of course this is a big deal! and of course, i’m humbled, yet again, that this is the third time one of my photos has been published in a newspaper. this time my pic is in norrköping’s daily newspaper, NT. the “real” newspaper for the city. it feels crazy, amazing, and wonderful. and i’m so, so happy for blackbyrd, the band who was featured in the article. the photo is one i took in august when blackbyrd asked me to photo them during an evening concert.

led by the singer-songwriter frederick (whom i now call my friend), blackbyrd is a super talented group, playing music that is meaningful, calming, and soul-filling. the perfect music for sitting back and sipping a glass of wine. think norah jones, amos lee, simon & garfunkle, james taylor. i loved their music the first time i heard them, and i’m so excited that i’ve gotten to photograph them and let others see a little glimpse, hopefully peaking their interest. i am truly, truly humbled that my photos have been used in 3 papers now. i’ve learned from this experience that this photography thing is something i want to pursue, in conjunction with my writing. oh yeah.

the article & my big ass photo on the left page of the paper! i had no idea it’d be so big! aaaaand, you can’t see it, but my name is under the picture… i got credit!

you can check out my previous newspaper publishings by clicking here & here.

in addition to all of the newspaper excitement, i thought i’d share some pictures from my past week. fall is most definitely in the air around here, and i’m loving it.

it’s been raining off & on quite a bit. but, i love it.
perfect weather for some homemade chickpea & potato soup. mmm…
there have been sunny, chilly days too. i love these buildings.
and the leaves are beginning to turn. ♥
we open the church every tuesday evening for an hour and a half for anyone who wants to come in and just be. meditate. pray. light a candle. last night was really cozy & beautiful.
today i wore my green corduroy jeans & boots… fall fashion, ya know.
even though it was sunny earlier today, a rainstorm passed through, and this amazing double rainbow appeared outside my apartment window. perhaps a sign?

ok. time to make some dinner, and then it’s off to yoga. yesssss. you know how i love my yoga. here’s to wishing you a fabulous wednesday, peeps.

peace & love.

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  1. this is really awesome news! You see how it works? One pic gets published, two more follow within a month! I am happy for you. I am not sure if you want to pursue a freelance career in photography but you would have some great newspaper references in case you ever do…. !

  2. a freelance career in photography sounds soooo awesome. 🙂 you’re so right about how it all works!

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