home is wherever i’m with you.

there’s just something about opening my computer, heading over to my wordpress reader or bloglovin’, and reading the things that you have to say. i love to read what you’ve been thinking about, how your day has been, what has inspired you, and what has made you wonder. and the cozy, warm community that i interact with here only intensifies, when i go over to my blog and click to begin writing a new post. it’s as if i am tapping into my soul and setting it free as i type the words and clarify the thoughts and feelings that may have been swirling inside of me longer than i’d imagined. or some days, i come here just because i want to leave you a message. i suppose it’s my way of paying it forward. if i find something particularly inspiring, or wake one morning feeling hopeful & truly alive, i want to share that feeling with you, wherever you may be.

i suppose you could say that being a part of this world of blogging makes me feel grounded. it is a sort of home for me.

but i miss doing daily updates, for all the reasons i wrote about above. i miss the connection to you, and to my soul. i miss catching up on the latest events in your life. but, right now, it’s hard to find the time. i can’t write as much as i’d like – and i feel all clogged up from not writing, and i haven’t the time to really read & comment like i’d like to either.

however, if i did squeeze in more posts right now, i’m afraid that they’d be some version of the same post over & over again. packing. moving. excited. blah blah blah. well, it’s not blah blah blah, actually, it’s fucking cool as shit. amazing!! but, i’m sure that you don’t want to hear exactly the same thing every. single. live. long. day. am i right?

so, i have a thought. of course, if you’re a regular here, you know i’m doing my june photo journey (a photo a day challenge) on simplicity. and i have a word prompt for each day. so, in order to:

  1. have something different to write about every day (so i don’t get stuck given my present situation) and
  2. so i challenge myself to make the time for the thing that i love to do the most (write)…
  3. i’ve decided to do a daily post based on my photo of the day.

i realize that we are practically halfway through june, but hey, it’s all about the present moment isn’t it? it’s never too late to make a change, right? so, beginning tonight, you’ll get to journey with me on my little simplicity photo journey. i think it’ll actually be a really great thing for me to reflect a lot on simplicity, as i try to strip down my life, follow my heart, take risks, and begin again. starting over & having a clean slate, i have the chance to reinvent some parts of my life, of me, again. and living more simply is definitely something i want to seriously make a reality.


today’s word is family. it’s the 3rd word in my little focus on “simplicity at home”. things were so amazing, fun, silly, and chaotic at home today, my little family & i decided to share a special moment we had. in the midst of pulling out, organizing, taking down, and packing as we prepare for our apartment flea market in one week, we took a moment to gather together in the hall. we just found ourselves there. so, we stopped what we were doing and soaked in the chaos & mess all around us. we laughed & giggled. and held on to each other.

our home is not the same. some furniture is already gone. the walls are bare. the floor is covered. boxes placed everywhere are tempting zola as scratching poles. it looks different. it feels different. it’s really happening, you know. things are changing. it’s nearing time to say goodbye and head off into the sunset, headed for our next chapter.

but, you know what? even though i’m sentimental and nostalgic, and i stand in my favorite place by my kitchen window for even longer periods of time now, i realized something as i held my little family in my arms while we took this little photo. i belong anywhere & everywhere. my family is my home. and this move, it is so right. we both know it. we both feel it. and we are so blessed.

so whether it’s here with all of you, dear blogging buddies & readers; or whether it is with my little family or my expanded families, it’s all about the people… not the place. home is wherever there is love. it’s as simple as that.

“i have thought my whole life i needed seas or mountains or magnificent city lights to be happy. truth is: i do not care where i am as long as i have you.” ~ christopher poindexter

check back tomorrow to see what word inspired me & what photo i snapped to symbolize the word of the day. and if you want, join in and do the same!

peace, my lovely blogging family.

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  1. Liz, this is a beautiful post and so true. I have moved a lot, in the last year or so, but also constantly for the 10 years previous. It is always (nearly always – one place being my retreat, my own, and the odd one out!) people that give me my “home” feeling!
    Lovely reading Xx

    1. awww… thank you so much! glad you enjoyed it, and i hope the rest of your sunday was lovely

  2. What a beautiful post! I love that you guys took a couple minutes to have fun in such a stressful time! As always, thanks for sharing!

    1. and, as always, thanks for reading & commenting! i still love following your road trip 🙂

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