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Reimagine: How 2020 has taught me the rhythm of my soul

Summer vacation is over + even though I have already completed my first week back at work, I have one last summer post to share. It is, perhaps, the most important for me because, as I write this, I am processing + reflecting +…

10 Aug 2020
summer year summaries

How I am facing the second half of 2020

It’s been almost a month since my last post! How is that possible? Time just keeps on clicking by, days running into days, months into months, and this crazy year continues onward. My absence here has been due to a chaotic last 2 weeks…

13 Jul 2020
corona diaries

We were made for this: My Corona Diaries

We were made for a time like this. Things are changing. A shift has occurred. And we are embarking on a new phase. My mind, my soul, my spirit can hardly keep up. I feel a sense of desperate urgency + a call for…

6 Jun 2020
corona diaries

Life is everything all at once: Corona Diaries

I think what Covid-19 and staying home is teaching me the most, so far, is that it is everything all at once. Life, that is. It is horrible and worrisome and beautiful and hopeful all at the same time. In other words, what this…

26 Apr 2020
corona diaries

How I am finding freedom at home: My Corona Diaries

It’s not that things have been lighter this week, but somehow it’s felt lighter. The news is still grim. Covid-19 diagnoses and deaths continue to grow around the world. Most of us are all still at home. No one still really knows what comes…

18 Apr 2020