how my cat became my most favorite guru.

morning, y’all!

it’s saturday morning for me, and i’m hanging out in the corner of my sofa. hot coffee beside me. and totally loving the fact that i’ve got a couple of hours before me to just blog and piddle around on my computer.

yes, this is weekend bliss. slow living at it’s finest.

just as i was ready to get into my computer zone, however,  zola the cat, seemed a bit restless. my love and i realized that it was perhaps because saturday morning’s routine is always a bit different than the rest of the week.

usually, i wake up early and, after drinking some water, i get right to a bit of yoga + meditation. and every single morning, without fail, my little zola climbs into my lap and lays down once i have started meditating. she stays with me the entire time. it has turned into this powerful, sweet, wonderful thing that we share.

Every time. ❤️ #catswhomeditate #warmsmyheart #snuggles #yoga #thehappynow #thatauthenticfeeling

however, this morning, as it usually happens on weekends, after i made coffee, my love and i went straight to the sofa. it was a few hours later than i usually wake up, and since my love and i were getting up at the same time, i was going to skip my meditation. nothing unusual for me for weekends.

this is how i roll on the weekends: reading + sipping coffee, sharing some cozy moments with my love.

but, this morning, little zola the cat would have none of that. she walked over to me, jumped on the sofa, just as i was about to sit down, blocking my spot. lina mentioned that perhaps she was confused about the routine, that she wanted to meditate.

so, we decided that i would go over to my little meditation spot and sit down. i always have mexican blanket down to sit on, candles lit, and have done some yoga before sitting. but, today, i went over to the bare floor, sat down, closed my eyes, and instantaneously decided that i would, in fact, sit there and meditate for real.

within about 30 seconds zola had jumped off the sofa, come over to me, and settled into my lap. lina was watching tv, which was on the wall, directly to my left. i had no music, no headphones, nothing to dampen the noise or to make it quiet as i meditated.

but, with my eyes closed, i told lina to keep watching tv. i was going to meditate right then + there, noise and all.

in reality, this is the ultimate way to meditate i believe. finding the space within to allow oneself to meditate no matter what is going on around is a huge thing. it’s not easy, but it is something that i have been working on.

for me, meditation is not just about silence and emptying my mind. of course, silence and solitude is a necessary part of life. and most definitely is one way that i love to meditate. i seek out a few moments of silence and solitude every single day. but, another way to approach meditation is to see it as creating a sacred space within and all around, a space where, instead of fighting to get everything quiet + empty, one allows and accepts everything. that is balance. and this kind of meditation teaches me how to bring peace and calm and balance to everyday life. it is a lesson in being stable, strong, and inspired in every situation. it is learning how to slow down, breathe deep, and bring forth that peace that is within in every single situation.

and, for me, that is the key to living a slow life. a mindful life. to live with a sense of peace in the midst of everything.

so, thanks to my little yogi cat, i spent 10 minutes on the floor. seeking, finding, and feeling bliss. unexpected. and oh so grounding.


and now, the rest of saturday is spread out in front me. i’m filled with inspiration + gratitude, and ready for whatever might come.

i do, however, have plans, so i know a bit of what i will be experiencing: my love + i are meeting up with her family (parents + siblings + their partners + kids) in stockholm for…. wait for it… a weekend cruise!

that’s right. when you live in sweden is it absolutely normal to board a big cruise ship and set sail for a weekend of food, dance, drinks, and fun. and of course, a chance to feel that freedom and adventure that only comes from being out on the sea, with the breeze blowing + the waves crashing. who cares that it’s february, that there is snow on the ground, and that we will be sailing in the frigid baltic sea! we’re hard core nature lovers. and we are celebrating sister-in-law’s 40th birthday!

so, i’m all meditated-up and ready to set sail. ok. i need to get dressed first, heat up a pizza for some lunch, and then it’s time to go.

ahoy, maties! see you back on land tomorrow night!

wishing you a peaceful + adventurous weekend. enjoy all of the little moments that you can. what do you have planned?!

xoxo liz

2 thoughts on “how my cat became my most favorite guru.

  1. Animals know us and our needs better than we do ourselves. What a sweet and wise friend you have in Nova! And how precious that you spend this morning ritual together.
    Have fun cruising, eating, drinking and dancing!

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