how the moon teaches you to be authentically you; or the power of a full moon


if you’re like me at all, things may have felt a little stuck lately. like nothing is going anywhere except in circles. i even said to a friend the other day that, while my mind and soul seem quite calm and at peace, my body feels all jittery and filled with energy. i’ve noticed it most whenever i  (try to) meditate. i just cannot seem to shake this feeling that there are balls of energy just bouncing all around within me. restless. unfocused. yearning to be released.

and, while i am breathing deeply and feeling very calm deep within my soul, there is something that is not quite right. and that is making me feel stuck, frustrated, like things aren’t progressing and i am not getting anywhere.

but believe me… things are happening, as they always are.

you know, we have no idea what’s going on, what’s happening as we are living in the moment, but when we look back, we see so clearly + understand so well that so much was going on even when we didn’t and couldn’t recognize or understand at the time.

enter june 2nd’s big, beautiful full moon.

even though it feels like nothing’s been happening, this is the time to have faith in the bigger more amazing life that is out there waiting for us. there is something big happening in the backdrop spiritually that may not be seen yet, but things are moving and bubbling. this is the time to begin to live life more authentically.

and the creative, powerful, magical energy of the full moon is helping to illuminate it all. (if we let it).

even though we feel frustrated + confused, the full moon also gives us large doses of energy. like that restless energy that seems to be bouncing all over my insides right now and for the last few weeks. it feels as if something has been building inside of me, and now is the time when the energy all around me is just begging me to let it out. it’s time for me to express myself.

it’s like i want to jump on things, get ahead, get busy. but, get busy doing what? i have no idea. which is a signal that i need to go within a bit before i get jumping on things.

it is great (and uncomfortable) to let that energy move around inside of us, inspiring us, but to also hold back a bit. to let the energy and beauty of the moon soak into us, grounding ourselves and bringing to light the things that are deep within us. things like our deepest desires and intentions. so, though we feel like jumping ahead, it’s a perfect time during this full moon to actually slow down and let the energy ferment and transform us. it’s time to discern and trust our intuition. time to let our higher selves, our spiritual selves, our soul, guide us right now.

there is so much for us to discover deep within.


so, it’s time for us to stop trying to figure things out, and to just be. to just feel. to just live. to just keep on keeping on. it’s time to trust.

and, when we do that, when we slow down, then it becomes much easier to trust the wisdom that is within. we already know and have everything that we need. it’s just to let it all be revealed to us. and a full moon can help us do just that.

of course, when i say that we need to just sit and be does not mean that we are inactive. the way to deal with the frustrations of the day, with the feelings that nothing is happening is to ground ourselves: to meditate, get outside in nature, journal, create art, let music flow, rest, cook, sleep and rest, spend time alone.

when we reconnect with our soul, then we can finally begin to discern our personal truth.

this is the time for us to express our authenticity. to live from our soul, to be totally free to be who we are. but, in the excitement of living authentically, three is the balance of discernment + discovery, of taking the time to hear what our soul is saying to us. to not just jump on any- and everything, but to really sit with ourselves and feel our intuition guiding us in finding the way to live life fully as we are meant to live.

full moon

the truth we are searching for is our personal truth. under the full moon we gather all of our dreams, hopes, ambitions, desires, passions, and goals. this full moon reminds us of the potential of living life in our own truth, that anything is possible as long as we remain in our personal truth.

it is not time to listen to all of the practical murmurs from others all around us, but instead time to listen to what our souls need, to live into our birthright and to live life as we are created to live it.

the full moon reminds + inspires us to live authentically.

it’s time to discover who we really are, to dig deep + ground ourselves in some simple practices that help us listen to our souls. and, as june progresses, as we continue to uncover + recover who we really are, our life will become that much more worthwhile and we will be prepared to live a life that makes a difference to others and to the world around us.

this full moon can help us take the next steps in living life to the fullest, to finding a higher, more spiritual way of experiencing life.

she will be full and magical and powerful. it’s time for us to tap into our authentic selves and soak in the energy that tells us that everything is possible as long as we keep to our personal truth. feel it. listen to your soul.

believe in yourself and discover what it means to live life on your own path.

onwards + upwards! xoxo

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    1. Awww… thank you Kate!! Thank you so much for saying that! Hope your weekend was beautiful (As I am sure that it was since you were in Sedona). 🙂

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