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how to conquer jet lag: fun!

5 Jul 2014

woo hoo! the fun has already begun! in fact, i was telling lina this morning that i’m gonna need a vacation from all of the excitement and fun that’s been going on since the beginning of may – it’s been so intense and so much amazingness. hehe. but, seriously, it takes my breath away when i think of all that i’ve done and all of the people i’ve been able to spend time with. so incredible.

well, i’d say that my jet lag is almost over – maybe. but, i haven’t had time for any jet lag anyway, we’ve been going almost non-stop since getting here. ok. we did take a two hour nap after we arrived. but, we went right into exploring downtown the next day and even a bachelorette party! lina’s sister is getting married while we are here, so we kidnapped her and took her out for an evening of drinks, hot tubbing, dinner, and more drinks. it was so much fun to be a part of a new swedish tradition, as i’ve never been part of a bachelorette party before.

for the 4th of july and we headed over to our super fun american friend’s home to celebrate with a bbq. my dear, amazing friends from the netherlands (who also live here) were also there, so i am still overwhelmed with excitement and joy from seeing them! it was unbelievably amazing to hug all of their necks after a year.

so, you see, with all of the fun and craziness, i’ve just had to push right through my exhaustion from the time difference. jet lag? psha! i defeat you jet lag!

charlotte airport greenland eleven pm tram stop me ego knappingsborg fika pastries fika fika corner lina and her sister ulrika bride to be bachelorette party cheers IMG_4513 IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4532 IMG_4542

IMG_4596 IMG_4628 IMG_4630 IMG_4631 IMG_4632

now, we’re off to our annual family camp in the swedish archipelago! it’l be a week totally off the grid. completely immersed in nature – with nothing to do but enjoy the scenery, eat food, catch up with friends and family, and literally just be. so, dear friends, i wish you a good week ahead – and i’ll post again next weekend! be safe and soak up every little moment wherever you are.

lots of love and peace to you. xx

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  • Reply Holly 6 Jul 2014 at 03:42

    A great way to get over jet lag!!
    And… Are you really telling me you’ve never been to someone’s hen do?? (bachelorette party in brit speak)…
    Did you not have one yourself?
    Gemma and I are planning one each..
    Well our bridesmaids are… And a joint one – because we can because we’re two girls and hey there’s no rules /traditions there are there 🙂
    Seriously never been to one? So glad you now have x

    • Reply liz 6 Jul 2014 at 07:39

      No, of course it wasn’t my first. Hehe. it was my first Swedish one!! 🙂 They are so much fun!

      • Reply Holly 6 Jul 2014 at 08:34

        Ahhhh I get you now!! I was surprised!

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